Study Guide Questions For "The Kite Runner," Chapters 11-18

Study Guide Questions For "The Kite Runner," Chapters 11-18
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Review For a Quiz

The questions can be used in a number of ways. I give them to my students to complete as they read and also use them periodically for

quizzes. You can also use these questions to create an objective test. Contemplation questions force students to closely read and pay attention to detail. Some of the questions don’t have a right or wrong answer; the point is to get your students thinking about the book.

There are also several questions that are intended to help the students connect the text to current events and to other events in their lives. When students connect personally to something they read in class they are much more likely to learn and remember.

Study Guide Questions 11-13

Chapter 11 and 12 Study Guide Questions

  1. Where did they move after Pakistan?
  2. What job did Baba get?
  3. Why didn’t he want food stamps?
  4. What did Baba give Amir for his birthday? Why?
  5. What did Amir decide to study in college?
  6. How did Baba feel about Amir’s decision?
  7. Why did the author say he “embraced America”? (p. 136)
  8. What did Baba and Amir do to supplement their income?
  9. Reflect on Baba’s comment at the end of chapter 11.
  10. What dating customs and traditions does American culture have? Southern culture? Compare and contrast with Afghanistan dating cultures/rituals.
  11. Discuss gender. (p. 149)
  12. What type of cancer does Baba have?
  13. Discuss parental relations (p. 156). Compare and contrast relations today in America versus Afghanistan culture.
  14. What do you think about the proposal?

Chapter 13 Study Guide Questions

  1. Why wasn’t Soraya present at the beginning of the engagement party?
  2. Discuss wedding traditions. Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for American/Christian weddings. Who paid for Amir’s wedding?
  3. What is a mosque?
  4. When did Baba die?
  5. What did Baba do the night before he died?
  6. Why didn’t the General work?
  7. Why didn’t the General want Jamila to sing in public?
  8. What year was Amir’s first book published?
  9. Why do people whisper behind Soraya’s back?
  10. Why did the doctor say they couldn’t have children?
  11. Where did Amir buy a house?

Study Guide Questions 14-18

Chapter 14-16

  1. Who called Amir and asked him to come to Pakistan?
  2. How long have Amir and Soraya been married at this point? (15 years)
  3. How long did Amir plan to be gone for?
  4. Where did Rahim Khan live? (Peshawar in Pakistan)
  5. Who lived in Baba’s house after he and Amir fled Kabul?
  6. Why were the Afghans glad to have the Taliban in the beginning?
  7. Why did Rahim Khan want Hassan to come live with him?
  8. What was Hassan’s house like?
  9. What was his wife’s name?
  10. What had happened to Ali?
  11. Why do you think Hassan changed his mind and moved with his family to live in Baba’s house with Rahim Khan?
  12. Why wouldn’t Hassan move into the main house?
  13. Who was the old woman who showed up on their door step?
  14. Why do you think Hassan forgave Sanaubar? What does that tell you about Hassan’s character? Would you have forgiven your mother?
  15. What was Hassan’s son’s name?
  16. What year did the Taliban take over Kabul?What year did they massacre the Hazaras?

Chapter 17-18

  1. What happened to Hassan?Farzana?
  2. What did the Taliban say about it?
  3. Where is Sohrab?
  4. What did Rahim Khan want Amir to do?
  5. What did Amir find out about Hassan, Ali, and Baba?
  6. Why was he so upset?
  7. Why is Amir more like Baba than he thought he was? (page 226)
  8. Why did Amir decide to go to Kabul?


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