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Bean Trees Quiz, Chapters 6-12

written by: Trent Lorcher • edited by: SForsyth • updated: 9/11/2012

Use "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver to teach literary devices. Then give them this easy to grade multiple choice quiz.

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    Tired of the same old Bean Trees questions? I've got some new ones, ones that require a knowledge of literary devices. Cut and paste these questions and make your own quiz or review.

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    Check for Understanding

    Multiple Choice: Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

    ____ 1. Taylor feels Estevan is "way beyond her" because...

    a. Estevan has incredibly huge biceps.

    b. Esperanza, Estevan's wife, is beautiful.

    c. of the horrors he faced in Guatemala.

    d. of his command of English.

    ____ 2. Who is Ismene?

    a. Antigone's sister

    b. Turtle's real name

    c. Estevan's teenage daughter

    d. the reason 17 members of the teacher's union were not killed

    ____ 3. Why does Taylor like Louanne more after LouAnne gets a job?

    a. Louanne gains more self confidence.

    b. Louanne starts paying rent.

    c. Louanne buys Turtle toys.

    d. Louanne gains 20 lbs.

    ____ 4.When do Indians celebrate New Year's Day?

    a. January 1

    b. the first summer rain

    c. the last snowfall

    d. the first day of Spring

    ____ 5. "A cool breeze came up behind us, sending shivers along the spines of Mesquite trees" is an example of...

    a. simile

    b. onomotopeia

    c. metaphor

    d. personification

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    ____ 6. Taylor says to the priest, “You Are Old Father William." However, she does not know where the quotation comes from. This is an example of ________.

    a. metaphor

    b. personification

    c. simile

    d, allusion

    _____ 7. “If there really had been a law against laughing, both of us would have been on our way to Sing Sing by now," is an example of _________.

    a. metaphor

    b. hyperbole

    c. irony

    d. characterization

    ____ 8. The cigarette burns on Estevan's back are __________ of life's harsh treatment of "undesirables."

    a. symbols

    b. allusions

    c. euphoric

    d. similes

    ____ 9. The Miracle at Dog Doo Park is a _________

    a. metaphor for Angel's return to LouAnne.

    b. symbol for Mattie's conversion to Christianity.

    c. a metaphor for Turtle's future blooming.

    d. a simile for Estevan's dilapidated station wagon.

    ____ 10. Vergie hints that Angel might return. This is an example of _____________.

    a. metaphor

    b. foreshadowing

    c. allusion

    d. personification

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    a. saguaro

    b. cicada

    c. ocotillo

    d. catatonic

    e. maleficent

    ____ 11. a spiney desert plant with red flowered

    ____ 12. harmful or hurtful

    ____ 13. a condition where consciousness and feeling are suddenly lost; stupor

    ____ 14. a giant cactus with white flowers

    ____ 15. a large insect; the male makes a shrill noise by vibrating a special organ under his wings

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