Bean Trees Quiz, Chapters 1-4 for High School.

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Remember your first year teaching? You wanted to single-handedly reform the educational system by creating difficult tests. You were feeling pretty good until you had to grade them. After 17 1/2 hours of grading, you felt like the runner-up in a 4th of July hot dog eating contest who vomited, slipped in it, broke his collar bone, suffered a concussion, and became a vegetarian.

You vowed only to give matching, true/false, and multiple choice exams for the rest of your life. Even better, use this multiple choice test on The Bean Trees and needed a multiple choice quiz for chapters 1-4 that challenged students and made them demonstrate an understanding of literary devices.

The Bean Trees - Chapters 1-4

Multiple Choice

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. Which of the following stereotypes is NOT perpetuated in chapters 1-4?

a. Everybody from Kentucky is a hillbilly.

b. People from the South discriminate against African-Americans.

c. Hillbilly women all end up pregnant by the time they’re 15.

d. Kentuckians ain’t got no good dadgum edumacation.

____ 2. What is ironic about Missy and Mother’s head rights?

a. Missy’s father got his head chopped off by a tractor tire while diggin trenches in World War I.

b. Neither of them have any rights because they’re ignorant hillbillies from Kentucky.

c.They can legally live on Cherokee land even though they have never met a Cherokee.

d. None of the above.

____ 3. What is ironic about Turtle?

a. Missy spent the first 20 years of her life making sure she didn’t get pregnant, yet ends up taking care of a baby that’s not hers.

b. Even though her name is turtle, she runs really fast and doesn’t have a shell.

c. She’s not really a turtle.

d. all of the above.

____ 4. Chapters 1and 3 focus on ___________. Chapters 2 and 4 focus on ___________.

a. Lou Ann; Missy

b. Turtle; Louann

c. Missy; Turtle

d. Missy; Louann

____ 5. The _________________ shifts from 1st person to third person in chapter 2.

a. characterization

b. plot

c. conflict

d. point of view

____ 6. What is the name of the tire store at which Mattie works?

a. Zeus’s Goodyear Tires

b. Buddha’s Retreads

c. Jesus is Lord Used Tires

d. Big O

____ 7. Lou Anne’s Mother and Grandmother can best be described as _________.

a. supportive and open-minded

b. loving and caring

c. judgmental and meddlesome

d. all of the above

____ 8. Why does Lou Ann’s mother not approve of Angel?

a. He’s Mexican

b. He’s a cowboy

c. He leaves Lou Ann

d. She was once attacked by a hell’s angel at a 4th of July hotdog eating contest and reacts negatively to anyone that reminds her of the incident.

____ 9. What is ironic about Lou Ann’s husband’s name.

a. He’s not very holy.

b. He is a horrible guardian.

c. He’s not helpful.

d. all of the above

____ 10. Why is Turtle so shy?

a. She misses her family.

b. She has Down’s Syndrome

c. She’s been sexually abused.

d. all of the above

Answers (you may not want to include these at the bottom of the actual quiz): b c a d d c c a d c

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