Bean Trees: Multiple Choice Quiz covering chapters 13-17

Remember your first year teaching when you left your quiz and practice test at home, your administrator showed up to observe, you couldn’t think of an alternative lesson plan, so you crawled into a corner in the fetal position, sucked your thumb, cried and dreamed about summer vacation?

That will never happen again.

The Bean Trees, Chapters 13-17

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. Why is the fortune teller in Pittman a rich woman?

a. People do not want to be accountable for their actions.

b. People are indecisive.

c. People pay her money for advice.

d. all of the above.

____ 2. Cynthia’s brooch is an example of a

a. simile

b. symbol

c. metaphor

d. none of the above

____ 3. Taylor compares the positive changes in Esperanza to the thawing of a river in Alaska. This is an example of…

a. simile

b. symbol

c. personification

d. none of the above

____ 4. In chapter 13, the night-blooming Cereus might represent…

a. Taylor

b. Turtle

c. Estevan’s future

d. all of these

____ 5. Why does Turtle bury the doll in the dirt?

a. It reminds her of her dead mother’s burial.

b. She tires of the toy.

c. She is angry at Estevan.

d. all of the above

____ 6. Whom does Taylor call while in Oklahoma City?

a. Louanne

b. her mother

c. Mattie

d. Newt Hardbine

____ 7. What wish does Taylor make on the boat ride with Estevan that might come true?

a. She will hook up with Estevan.

b. She will adopt Turtle legally.

c. Esperanza will find happiness.

d. The Cherokees will regain their land.

____ 8. State a generalization about life from the following passage:

"I don’t think blood’s the only way kids come by things honest. Not even the main way. It’s what you tell them, Taylor. If a person is bad, say, then it makes them feel better to tell their kids they’re even worse. And that’s exactly what they’ll grow up to be."

a. Heredity is very important.

b. Children often live up or down to what’s expected of them.

c. Life stinks.

d. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

____ 9. Which character’s life best represents the above quote?

a. Estevan

b. Newt Hardbine

c. Mattie

d. Carmac Spiegel

____ 10. What is ironic about Turtle’s adoption?

a. There is no paperwork.

b. Permission to adopt is granted by illegal aliens.

c. It occurs near Lake O’ the Cherokees.

d. all of the above

Answers: dbddabbbbb

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