Two Songs About Spring for Infants and Toddlers

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How to Teach Spring Songs to Young Children

Infants and toddlers are just learning about the world around them, and singing songs about the events that they see can help them to pay closer attention to them. In the spring, you can make sure to sing special songs about spring for infant and toddlers to them in order to help them understand the changes going on around them, such as the budding flowers and plants or the rain and thunder.

Although you can use these songs with older children, they are especially helpful for infants and toddlers because you can move their hands to the motions, or do the motions on their bodies (such as patting them gently on their stomachs). This helps them to become engaged in the song and to pay closer attention to what you are doing. It also strengthens the bond between child and caretaker through the sense of touch.

A Planting Song

Introducing the idea of growing seeds to toddlers can open up whole new worlds to them. Before teaching them this song, you may want to consider planting a seed with them and letting them water it every day. Watching you plant in the garden can also be a way to help them understand this concept. Once you’re sure that they understand that seeds grow into plants, teach them this song. For infants and younger toddlers, you may need to help them do the movements with their own hands.

“I’m a Little Seed” (To the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little seed. I’m small and round. [Curl right forefinger and thumb into the shape of a small circle.]

Plant me deep into the ground. [Cup left hand, and mime poking the seed down into it.]

Give me sun and water, and you know, [Use right hand to “spray” water on the cupped hand by opening suddenly.]

Before you know it, up I’ll grow! [Push right hand up through cupped left hand, then open right hand so it looks like a sprouting plant.]

A Rain Song

This is the perfect song for a rainy day with your infant or toddler. Face her towards the window in a bouncy seat or Bumbo, and talk to her about what you see. Explain that the rain is falling down from the sky, and that it comes from clouds. If you hear thunder, shout out “thunder!” while smiling to reassure your child. Then teach her this original rain song using the chant “Open Them, Shut Them.” Feel free to make up your own tune as well.

Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, [Flutter your fingers with your palms facing downwards.]

Drizzle like the rain.

Pitter patter, pitter patter, [Clap your hands against your thighs if you’re sitting, or lightly pat your baby’s tummy with your hands.]

It’s coming down again.


Thunder, thunder, I hear thunder [Clap your hands loudly, or clap your child’s hands together.]

What a scary sound! [Cover your ears with your hands.]

All the rain up in the sky [Raise your child’s hands up high above her head.]

Falls down upon the ground. [Bring your child’s hands down suddenly.]

These songs about spring for infant and toddlers may end in laughter, but make sure to follow the child’s cues! If the child is squirming or fussing, start another activity and try the song again a different time.

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