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Four Fun Leaf Activities Your Toddler Will Love!

written by: Keren Perles • edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom • updated: 2/17/2012

Toddlers love to play with leaves, no why not give them even more ways to enjoy them? These four simple activities will keep them entertained this fall.

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    Want to introduce your toddler to the beauty of fall? Try some of these leaf games for toddlers, and watch the season come alive!

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    Which is Your Favorite?

    While you’re on a nature walk with your toddler, pick up two leaves, and ask your toddler, “Which one is your favorite?" Keep the one that she likes better. Then walk on a bit more and pick up another leaf, asking your child to compare it to the one you’re already holding. Continue the game until you find her “favorite leaf of all!"

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    Where’s the Leaf?

    Bring your child’s favorite leaf (or any leaf) into a room and hide it without your toddler noticing. Then tell him “I hid your favorite leaf. It is under a pillow." Young toddlers may need you to actually point out the pillow and encourage them to look beneath it the first couple of times, whereas younger toddlers should be able to follow your directions on their own. Continue several times, as long as your toddler seems to be enjoying the game.

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    Pretend You’re a Leaf

    This game is perfect for older toddlers. Talk to your toddler about what happens to a leaf in the fall. Explain that it lives up in the tree in the spring and the summer, but in the autumn it falls off the tree and lands on the ground. Then it gets all dried up and snowed on in the winter. Encourage your toddler to act out what happens to the leaf while you narrate. For example, your toddler might pretend to fall to the ground, and then lie there and say “Snow! Snow!"

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    Find Another Leaf Like This One

    Find a leaf under one tree, and ask your toddler to pick up another leaf “that looks just like this one." Make sure there are plenty of other similar leaves around for her to find. When she finds a similar one, put the two together and say “same!" Then repeat the game with a different leaf.

    These leaf games are a great way to make the most of the fall season. You can also make leaf crafts and fall crafts, or you can play fall games with your child on a nice fall day.

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