Four Fall Games & Activities for Preschoolers: Celebrate Autumn!

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Bobbing for Apples – Preschool Style

A real apple-bobbing contest probably isn’t the best idea for preschoolers. Many preschoolers will be afraid to stick their heads in the water, and very few will succeed in actually grabbing the apple with their teeth. Instead, stretch a clothesline between two trees and hang each apple from the clothesline with a string. Then let the kids take turns trying to grab an apple with their teeth. At the end, give out the apples to all of the kids!

Leaf Maze

Kids love piles of leaves. Rake a path through the leaves in a yard or park, and make sure that it includes many twists and turns (and maybe a couple of dead ends, depending on the age of the preschooler). At the end of the path, pile up a large number of leaves. Challenge your preschooler to get through the “maze” and find the “treasure” at the end. When you reach the pile of leaves, jump in with her!

Relay Races

If you’re entertaining a large group of preschoolers, try some fall relay races. Let each child run with an apple under his chin or between his elbows. Try a scarecrow relay, in which you provide “scarecrow clothing” that the kids get into and out of again over the course of the race. Or let them run through an obstacle course – jumping over a log, crawling under a bench, and spinning around three times before the race can continue.

Square Dancing

Tell kids that fall was traditionally the time of the harvest, when farmers would be able to pick all of the food. Explain that farmers enjoyed dancing in a special way, called a square dance. Put on some country music and show them how to follow simple square dance directions, such as “do si do” and “bow to your partner.” Focus less on their accuracy in following the instructions and more on the fun that they have trying.

Of course, fall is a great time to get in touch with nature - if it is having fun on a nature walk, creating nature crafts, or just talking about the changing seasons. To add to the fun, these fun fall games for kids are sure to keep your preschoolers on their toes!

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