Fall Fun for Preschoolers: Three Autumn Crafts for Kids That Celebrate Color & The Outdoors

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Nature Walk Collage

Taking nature walks in fall is a lot of fun, but it’s even more fun to make fall crafts for kids out of objects that preschoolers find on their walks. The easiest way to memorialize an autumn nature walk is to create a collage. On the walk, help your child collect small bits of nature in a bag – such as leaves, pebbles, grass, and acorn shells. When you get home, lay out a piece of clear contact paper, sticky side up. Tape the corners to a tabletop and let your child arrange her collected fall objects on the surface. Then cover her creations with a second sheet of contact paper, sticky side down. Cut a circle, square, or other shape out of the contact paper that includes all of her finds, and display the college in a prominent place in your home. This project works well with large groups of preschool kids as well.

Leaf Confetti

Collect a bag of leaves from outside, and have your preschooler sort them into different colors. Then help him crush them into “leaf confetti,” placing each color of confetti in a different cup. (You may need to let them dry out for several days before they can crushed easily.) Draw a fall-related picture, such as a tree, an oak leaf, or a pumpkin on a piece of paper. Help your child spread glue in one area of the picture, and show her how to sprinkle one color of confetti on that area and shake it off. Repeat with the rest of the picture, adding glue and confetti to various areas.

Stained Glass Trees

Cut tissue paper into small pieces, less than 1 inch by 1 inch, and place the pieces onto a small plastic plate. Draw a tree shape on construction paper and cut it out, leaving a tree-shaped hole. Place contact paper on the table, sticky side up, and carefully put the construction paper on top of it. Have your child add tissue paper pieces to the contact paper showing in the middle of the tree. Encourage her to use only one layer, but to let the pieces overlap slightly. When she is finished, cover the project with a second piece of contact paper and hang it in the window. Your child will delight in her own stained-glass tree!

These fall crafts for kids will keep your preschoolers having fun for hours! When you’ve exhausted these crafts, try letting them play some fall games for kids or trying some other nature crafts.

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