Five Fall Leaf Crafts for Preschoolers: Leaf Activites for Teachers and Parents to Teach Children About Nature Crafts Using Leaves

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Fall is a magical time for preschoolers. The leaves are turning colors, animals are getting ready to hibernate, and the air is growing cooler. Take advantage of this special time with a preschool leaf craft idea from this article.

Dried Leaf “Sand” Art

Crush different colors of dried leaves into small cups until the leaves are the consistency of sand. Give children a piece of construction paper, and help them smear glue onto part of the paper with a popsicle stick. Shake the “sand” onto the glue and let the excess slide back into the cup. Then smear glue onto another section of paper and add a different color sand. Continue until the picture is complete.

Leaf People

Help children collect different leaves on a nature walk. Glue them to a piece of paper, and show them how to make the leaves into bodies or heads using art supplies to create the limbs and the rest of the “leaf people.” Encourage children to give each leaf person a name.

Paint With Leaves

Help children dip leaves into tempura paint and press them onto a piece of white paper. Slowly remove them, leaving behind a leaf print. Add more leaf prints to the paper, and show children how you can see the veins in the leaf in each print.

Stained Glass Leaves

Encourage children to place leaves between two layers of wax paper. Carefully run a hot iron over the top layer of wax paper. This will seal the two layers together, creating a stained glass effect. Hang your child’s creation on the window and watch the light turn colors as it shines through.

Playing With Shadows

Help your child collect and arrange leaves on a piece of colored construction paper. Use double stick tape (or tape doughnuts) to keep the leaves in place. Leave the paper in a very sunny area for several days. Then bring your child back outside, and remove the leaves. The areas underneath the leaves will be darker, leaving leaf prints behind.

Whichever preschool leaf craft idea you choose, make sure to keep it fun for your child. Hang their craft in a public area, and refer to it often. Your child will be proud of their creation!

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