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Educational Games for Toddlers Online?

Article ImageOnline educational activities for toddlers abound and even the more progressive daycare’s are now making their own first forays into the world of online communication and community building to provide a safe learning and online playing environment. Even some preschools are now taking a page from the playbook of major school districts by using the Internet to promote home/school connections. Bright Hub’s own Marlene Gundlach wrote an article entitled ‘Using a Classroom Portal to Communicate’ that outlines how students, families, and school districts interact via the Internet. Not surprisingly, educational games for toddlers lay the groundwork for future curriculum activities.

Where to Find Online Educational Activities for Toddlers

Online toddler games may be found on a number of existing websites. Look no further than Bright Hub’s own Laurie Patsalides who published a review of great kids’ websites in her article “Computer Games in the Younger Classroom.” Early childhood educators exploring Internet use in a daycare setting may wish to consider linking to this treasure trove via their website. Consistent monitoring of these links is a must, especially since in some cases websites change focus, ownership or even cease to exist.

Online Toddler Games for Alphabet Learning

Fisher Price leads the way with a simple alphabet teaching tool that mimics the use of common toddler toys like flash cards or blocks. The Literacy Center Education Network follows suit, but also offers Spanish, German, and French pronunciations in addition to English. These are simple point and click online preschool games that adapt into easy educational activities for toddlers. They let the children associate the spoken letter with its shape. Make use of these online toddler games - especially if a child experiences difficulty with letter recognition.

Sorting and Matching

Toddler games online that teach children to sort quite frequently rely on the use of toddler toys, such as memory cards. These may now be found online. Groovy Games features Hello Kitty matching cards that allow matching-based toddler activities to be done online. Youngsters enjoy this game so much that they will wish to repeat it time and again.

Advantage of Offering Online Educational and Science Activities for Toddlers

Online educational games for toddlers are perfect for game-play during the long summer months when some daycare’s routinely shut down. Instead of forgetting the lessons learned, toddlers (under the supervision of a parent or other caregiver) can maintain skills by playing educational games.

Since online science activities for toddlers, and also world-building games, require the use of a mouse and keyboard, these youngsters receive their first training in computer use at a young age. This is a skill that will come in handy as even elementary school students are now required to type major assignments.

Best of all, the around the clock availability of gratis online toddler games also cuts down on the amount of toddler toys a parent may feel the need to purchase.


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