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Online Games for the Little Ones?

Toddlers may still struggle with counting past four or five, but they are pros at clicking a mouse. Indoor boredom may be easily and instantaneously relieved with toddler games found not in a box, but on the Internet in the form of online computer activities. The vast majority of these games are educational in nature. They offer early preschool activities, such as counting, alphabet recognition, and of course memory strengthening, but also online coloring fun.

Best Websites for Gaming Fun

Fisher Price

You know this vendor as your go-to manufacturer for toddler toys, but now there is also Fisher Price online with 27 different mini games. Some include the well known toy characters, such as Little People, while others feature online coloring, musical activities, and letter or number learning games. There is even a dress up one for budding fashion mavens!

Little Tikes

If you are a Little Tikes household, you may be surprised to learn that the toy manufacturer also offers an extensive library of games. These include Hummer racing, various matching and even a number skills game. Creative minds enjoy coloring options of Little Tikes toys that come to life on the screen.

Sesame Street

Synonymous with educational fun, Sesame Street offers keyboarding, rhyming, and also jumping rhymes games for older toddlers. Familiarity with the program helps, but is not a prerequisite.

PBS Kids: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers used to define the quintessential friendly neighborhood, and his philosophy lives on in cyber space. These games are appropriate for older toddlers and also preschoolers. There is a build-a-neighborhood option and alphabet lessons. Your child does not have to be familiar with Mr. Rogers to enjoy these games.

Which Games Are Right For My Child?

As a parent, you might have a hard time picking out the right kinds of activities for your youngster. While the selection of toddler games online is plentiful, your child may not enjoy some of them simply because the characters are not appealing or perhaps because the subject matter is not stimulating her/his imagination on that particular day.

As a general rule of thumb, toddlers who are engrossed with brightly colored pictures of books when being read to oftentimes love the online puzzle games that allow them to move different pieces. If your youngster has a hard time letting go of the blocks or Legos at bedtime, then games that require some type of structure building are perfect; mind you, these could consist of building a sandwich, building a town, or building a Sesame Street monster.

Simply find a way to translate your student’s off-line interests into available online games, and you are ready to go. That being said, please remember that the Internet is not a place for a child to play without supervision, and a parent being nearby, ready to close a pop-up or shut down a site if needed, is a must!


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