Teaching Students to Integrate, Organize & Memorize Sight Words: Lesson for Students with Diverse Needs

Teaching Students to Integrate, Organize & Memorize Sight Words: Lesson for Students with Diverse Needs
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Helping students integrate and organize information that they take in is a challenge for all teachers of students with special learning needs. This specific lesson focuses on integrating information, improving organization, and boosting memory skills.

Day 2: Lesson

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the sight words: many, jump, want & long.
  • Integrating information: Interpreting, categorizing and making associations.
  • Improving organization and memory skills.



  • Tactile word sheets that students made previous day
  • Sight word note cards made with puffy paint from previous day
  • Note cards with holes punched in top left corner
  • Metal ring to connect note cards for each student

Lesson Procedure:

1. Introduction: Ask students who can remember any of the sight words discussed the day before. Give the students their dried decorated words they created yesterday. Review sight words and spell the words out as students trace with their finger each letter on their sheet.

2. Split the class in pairs or small groups to play “memory” using the note cards written in puffy paint.

3. Give each student a note card and have them write one sight word on each card. Above the word, have them draw a picture describing the word. If a word is not easily described in a picture, such as “want,” students can use the word in a simple phrase on the card (ex. I want cake).

4. Connect note cards created using metal ring. Each week, you will add more sight word cards and at the end of the year students will have a ring full of learned sight words.


As students are working on their cards, be sure to walk around and check for comprehension. Verify that students are associating their words with a picture that makes sense and appropriately describes the word.

Now the students are familiar with the words, understand the words and can associate the words with pictures or phrases. Our next goal will be to have the students identify the words and process them quickly. Go to the next plan in the unit.


  • Photo by Tricia Wegman

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