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Teaching Spanish: Vocabulary Practice for Thanksgiving Day

written by: Curt Smothers • edited by: Rebecca Scudder • updated: 11/19/2012

Teaching specialized vocabulary in Spanish is a good way to add variety to the lesson plan. This article provides a specialized Spanish vocabulary word list for Thanksgiving day, along with a downloadable matching quiz.

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    English to Spanish, Spanish to English

    The two Thanksgiving vocabulary lists that follow have been split for use in a class activity. Each term in List 1 can be matched to one or more terms in List 2, and vice versa. The list is also downloadable at Thanksgiving Spanish Terms.

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    Thanksgiving Terms - List 1

    • American Indian, native American - el indio, la india, el/la indígena americano/a
    • autumn, fall - el otoño
    • butter - la mantequilla
    • carving knife - el cuchillo de trinchar
    • corn - el maiz
    • corn on the cob - la mazorca de maíz
    • cranberry - el arándano rojo
    • dinner roll - el panecillo
    • football (College/NFL) - el fútbol americano
    • full - repleto/a
    • holiday - día de fiesta
    • mashed potatoes - el puré de patatas
    • meal - la comida
    • November - el noviembre
    • pudding - el budín, el pudín
    • pumpkin pie - el pastel (or la tarta) de calabaza
    • relatives - los parientes
    • say grace - benedecir la mesa
    • serving spoon - la cuchara de servir
    • table - la mesa
    • to cook - cocinar
    • turkey - el pavo
    • yam - el ñame
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    Thanksgiving Terms - List 2

    • antacid - el antiácido
    • casserole - la cazuela
    • desert - el postre
    • dinner - la cena
    • family - la familia
    • gobble gobble (turkey sound) - gluglú gluglú
    • grandparents’ house - La casa de los abuelos
    • gravy - la salsa de carne
    • ham - el jamón
    • harvest festival - la festividad de la cosecha
    • leftovers - las sobras, los restos
    • napkin - la servilleta
    • parade - el desfile
    • pilgrim - el peregrino
    • squash - la cucurbitácea
    • stuffing, turkey dressing - el relleno
    • thankful (for) - agradecido (por)
    • Thanksgiving - el Día de Acción de Gracias
    • to be delicious - estar de vicio
    • to belch - lanzar un eructo
    • to butter - untar con mantequilla
    • to carve the turkey - trinchar al palvo
    • to eat - comer
    • to give thanks - dar las gracias
    • vegetables - las verduras

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    Suggested Classroom Activities

    This list can be adapted to the exercises suggested in the Bright Hub Education articles on Spanish medical vocabulary building (Parts 1 and 2 - links below). Specifically:

    ♦ Dividing the class into two groups, having the students circulate and confer with other students, completing the worksheet. (See the suggested classroom activities in Part 1 for additional information and materials.)

    ♦ Pairing off the students, assigning an appropriate number of terms from list 1, and asking the students to compose sentences using terms from each list. (See the suggested classroom activities in Part 2 for additional information and examples.)

    Consider adding a vocabulary matching quiz (based on these terms) to a regularly scheduled quiz. (See the suggested matching quiz below.)

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    Thanksgiving Matching Quiz

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    Downloadable Word List and Matching Quiz

    Download the Thanksgiving word list and matching quiz from Spanish Thanksgiving Terms. It's a free Word doc you can save and keep.

    Bonus Vocabulary

    What are you thankful for?

    I'm thankful for my family and friends: Estoy agradecido por mi familia y amigos.

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    Read More About It

    Take a look at Keep Learning Spanish Over Thanksgiving Vacation, right here on Bright Hub Education by our writers.

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