Preschool Activites for Goodnight Moon Your Students Will Love

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These activities will help your preschool students with recall memory skills. You can also use these ideas to teach what happens at night. Use along with the book, Goodnight Moon.

Guessing Game


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Items brought in by students


After reading the book, have students bring in a favorite nighttime item to show the class. Explain to students that it should be an item that they have to say good night to every night. Have students bring the item in covered so that the rest of the class cannot see it.

Use the items to play a guessing game. Allow students to hide their item somewhere in the classroom. Then, as a class, play hot and cold to figure out where it is. Allow the hider to give a couple of clues before starting, such as color, size, or shape.

Another game you could play instead of hot and cold is to play the game 20 Questions. Allow students to ask yes/no questions to figure out what the item is.



Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Yellow construction paper circles—one per student (you could also use felt)

Black or blue construction paper (12x18)

Old magazines

Blunt safety scissors

Glue or glue sticks

Crayons/markers (optional)


Explain to students that they will be making a picture with their favorite good night items. Pass out construction paper, yellow circles, and glue. Have students glue the yellow circles or moons onto the middle of the construction paper.

Then, pass out the old magazines and scissors. Be sure to review scissor safety rules. Have students cut and paste pictures of their favorite nighttime items around the moon. If you want to, you can have students draw lines with a black marker or crayon from the moon to the pictures to make a web. You can also use crayons and markers to have students draw pictures instead of cutting and pasting.

Get It Right Game


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Items from the story


Before doing this activity, make sure your students are familiar with the book Goodnight Moon. Take opportunities to read it to them more than once.

Find items from the story, such as a red balloon, three small stuffed bears, a telephone, and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon. You can use whatever you choose. You will need two of each item you use. Place the items inside a shoe box or small opaque container.

Divide students into two teams. Have one student come up from each team and put the items from the story in chronological order as they happened in the book. The student that correctly does it first wins a point for his or her team. You can keep playing by rotating the items that you place in the box. Instead of dividing the class into two teams, you can time each student to see how long it takes to place the items in the correct order.

After using these activities for Goodnight Moon, your preschool students will have a better comprehension of the story as well as building memory skills.

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