Jewish Holidays: Four Sukkah Crafts for Preschool Kids

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Paper Chains

Making Sukkah decorations with preschoolers is a great way to make them a part of the holiday of Sukkot. Paper chains are probably the most ubiquitous decorations seen in sukkahs around the world – and also one of the easiest! You can make them by cutting pieces of construction paper lengthwise into strips. Then loop one strip and staple the edges together to create the first link of the chain. Have your preschool child cut the strips and hand you one strip at a time to staple. She will look on in awe as the chain grows and grows!

Pine Cone Decorations

Pine cones are free, but they make great sukkah decorations. Collect a few with your preschooler, and paint them in various colors. You can also dip them in glue and cover them in different colors of glitter. Then tie a string (or piece of yarn) around each pine cone. You can either use the string to tie the pine cones together, making a chain, or tie the ends of all of the strings together and staple or tape it to the sukkah wall, so that the pinecones hang down.

Card Collage

What should you do with all of those Rosh Hashana cards you get from friends and family? Make a card collage for your sukkah, of course! Laminate the cards by covering them in contact paper (or skip this step if you aren’t afraid of rain ruining your cards), and let your child glue them haphazardly onto a large piece of cardboard. Display the card collage on the wall of your sukkah for all to see.

Sukkah Picture

Draw a box on a piece of paper to represent the sukkah, and include a door on the front of the sukkah. Let your child glue twigs onto the top of the box for schach (the covering of the sukkah), and let her decorate the rest of the sukkah with art supplies – sequins, beads, ribbons, markers, etc. Laminate the picture, if desired, and hang it on the wall of the sukkah.

[Note: Sukkah decorations should be hung from the walls – NOT directly from the schach. Hanging decorations from the schach can invalidate the sukkah.]

Enjoy using these sukkah crafts for preschool kids. The sukkah decorations will make your child proud, and they’ll make your sukkah feel more festive as well!

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