Jewish Holiday Crafts for Rosh Hashanah

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Teach your preschoolers more about the Jewish calendar and celebrate with these Rosh Hashanah crafts.

Toy Shofar

Remove the paper from a cheap party horn and save the mouthpiece. Then cut the shape of a shofar out of tag-board. Cut up some various colors of tissue paper into squares and let your child decorate the shofar by crinkling up the squares and gluing them to the shofar. Then glue the paper shofar to the far end of the mouthpiece and let your child blow her own shofar this year! You can also create two shofar shapes and glue one to either side of the mouthpiece for a more authentic look. (Explain to your child that the toy shofar cannot be blown on the day of Rosh Hashanah itself, but that the real shofar will be blown instead.)

Kiddush Cup

Help your child create his own Kiddush cup by covering a foam cup in tin foil and decorating the foil with markers. You can also give him beads, sequins, or other art supplies to glue onto the Kiddush cup. Allow him to use the cup at the Rosh Hashanah meals by inserting a plastic cup inside of the foam cup, and pouring grape juice into it after the blessing.

Honey Dish

What would Rosh Hashanah be without the apple dipped in honey to represent sweet wishes for the new year? Help your child create her own honey dish by cleaning out a baby food jar very well and letting your child decorate it with stickers. If possible, encourage her to use stickers with Rosh Hashanah pictures on them. Then fill the dish with honey so that your child – and the entire family – can dip both apples and challah into the honey at the Rosh Hashanah meals.

Note: Do not make these crafts on Rosh Hashanah itself, since creative work should not be done on the holiday. Instead, create these Jewish holiday crafts for Rosh Hashanah weeks beforehand to get your child excited about the holiday in advance!


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