Native Americans & Pilgrims: A Kindergarten Lesson Plan Including Activities for Art, Math, and Language

Native Americans & Pilgrims: A Kindergarten Lesson Plan Including Activities for Art, Math, and Language
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In today’s installment of the harvest theme of Thanksgiving, the class will be learning more about the Native Americans and their way of life. Today in particular, th class will learn about how they helped the Pilgrims.

  • Here are the things that you will need:

  • Pre-cut large triangles for teepee’s (one for each child)

  • Pre-cut elongated crescents for canoes (one for each child)

  • Small containers or tubs (one for each child)

  • Color tiles

  • 9 X 12 brown construction paper

Circle Time Discussion

Read, The First Thanksgiving by, Lou Rogers.

Discuss the events in the story.

Review Native American facts.

Discuss the Native Americans' hunting and fishing skills. Explain to the children that the Pilgrims did not know how to hunt…or where to hunt.

They did not know what crops to grow in America. The Native Americans taught the Pilgrims many skills.



Prior to the project, trim the brown construction paper in a bell shape. The bottom should remain 12 inches long, but the top of the page should be about three inches long.

Instruct the children to decorate the teepee with symbols, shapes and designs. Encourage the children to tell a story with the pictures around the teepee.

Fold the teepee into a triangle shape. Secure with small pieces of tape.

Sewing Cards

Pre-cut triangles and crescents

Punch holes around the shapes

Provide each child with both shapes.

Provide each child with two pieces of yarn, both at least 18 inches long.

Instruct the children to sew the yarn around each shape.

This skill enhances their fine motor skills and allows them the opportunity to sew thread.

Math Skills

Provide children with a container of color tiles.

Instruct the children to create patterns and place tiles in groups of ten.

Practice counting by tens.

Language Skills

Make a list of the foods that the Native Americans may have helped the Pilgrims to grow.

Discuss the foods. Is it fruit, vegetable or meat?

Discuss the letter and sound that begins each name of food.

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