This Kindergarten Native American Lesson Plan Includes Stories, Crafts & Songs

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In today’s portion of the harvest lesson plans, the class will continue to learn more Native American facts and take part in math and language skills as well as art projects and songs to teach them important facts.

Here are the list of things needed for today’s lesson:

  • Photos of Native Americans and their homes.

  • Chart of symbols to illustrate pictures that Native Americans to communicate in writing.

  • Book, Indian Two Feet and His Eagle Feather by, Margaret Friskey

  • Large paper bags-1 for each child

  • Markers

  • beads in assorted colors

  • leather cord (for necklace)

Circle Time Discussion

Review facts about the Indian Nation.

Look at the map and teach children directions-North, South, East, West

Read the story, Indian Two Feet and His Eagle Feather by, Margaret Friskey.

Discuss the meaning of “brave”.

Discuss that Native Americans used pictures to communicate in writing. (more will be discussed in Language Skills)


Native American Vest

Prior to the project, cut the front of each paper bag for the vest opening.

Provide each child with a paper bag.

Instruct the children to decorate the paper bag with pictures, shapes and other creative designs.

While children are busy decorating their vests, go around to each one to measure the height of their arms. Cut holes in the sides of the bag to accommodate their arms.

Math Skills

This project will teach the children about patterns, enhance their fine motor skills, as well as their creative skills as they decorate a necklace.

Explain to the children that Native Americans are skilled craftsmen. That means that they are talented when making jewelry and weaving blankets. Today, the class will create a patterned necklace.

Provide each children with cording at least 15 inches long.

Provide each children with a variety of beads.

Instruct the children to count the beads and create a pattern with them.

Thread the beads on to the necklace in the designed pattern.

Language Skills

Discuss the symbols on the chart.

Give each child a piece of paper and a crayon or marker and instruct them to write a story using the pictures.

Encourage children to share their stories.

Suggested Reading

Little Runner of the Long House by Betty Baker

Running Owl The Hunter by Nathaniel Benchley


Indians and Pilgrims

(to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”)

Beat, beat, beat the drum.

Beat it loud and clear.

Tell the Indians everywhere,

That hunting time is near.

Cut, cut, cut the logs,

Make them long and short,

To help the Pilgrims build a house

A warm and friendly fort.

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