Kindergarten Nocturnal Animal Lesson Plans: Review Info on Bats & Owls

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Today’s lesson will be a continued discussion about nocturnal animals and their characteristics. The following is a list of the things that you will need to fulfill this lesson plan:

  • The Bernstein Bears Scouts in Giant Bat Caves by, Stan and Jan Bernstein

  • White plastic-foam egg carton (two egg holders for each child) *If you cannot find the egg cartons, use the bottom half of small foam drinking cups*

  • Black pipe cleaners

  • Hole puncher

  • Large wiggle eyes

  • Glue

  • Small flash lights ( enough for half of the class)

Circle Time Discussion

Review bat and owl facts.

Discuss the different types of owls.

Review the nocturnal animals.

Read Bernstein Bears Scouts in Giant Bat Caves by Stan and Jan Bernstein

Discuss events in the story.


Eyes in the Night

Often, nocturnal animals hide so well, their eyes are all that can be seen in the dark of the night. This project is making animal “eyes” that might be seen if the animals are peeking out of the bushes and trees in the dark of the night. Children can wear them and pretend to hide.

Punch holes in the side of the cups or cartons as the eyes. This is to attach the pipe cleaners to the sides.

Adhere with glue or staple the two “eyes” together.

Adhere large wiggle eyes to the bottom of the cups or cartons.

Bend pipe cleaner to fit securely around the ears of each child.

Math Skills

Scouting For Bats

Prior to the math skill, place pre-cut bats in a variety of places throughout the classroom.

Have children search for the bats and count them when all bats have been collected.

Language Skills

Divide children into two groups.

One group will pretend to be sleeping nocturnal animals and the other group will search for them using the flash lights.

Instruct the searching children to use positional words such as “are you behind the chair?” or “are you on top of the rug?", “are you under the table?", and so on.

After all “sleeping animals” are found, groups trade places.

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