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Completing Nocturnal Animals Unit: Friday

written by: ARobin • edited by: Laurie Patsalides • updated: 1/17/2012

Today is Friday - review the information learned about bats and owls with the completion of the Nocturnal Animals Unit, as well as practice math and language skills and complete an art project

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    This is the completion of the Nocturnal Animal series. In today's lesson, you will provide a review of all that has been learned for the week. These are the things that you will need for the class presentation:

    • Paper plates (one for each child)
    • Brown paper lunch sack
    • Newspaper
    • Yarn (black or brown)
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    Circle Time Discussion

    Review bat and owl facts.

    Review nocturnal animal facts.

    Compare our lives and routines to those of nocturnal animals.

    Ask children to name different types of owls.

    Look at pictures of nocturnal animals.

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    Bat Hats

    Instruct the children to stuff the small paper sacks with newspaper. Fold down opening, and staple to top of the bag.

    Punch holes on the left and right side of the paper plate. Tie yarn into both holes. Place paper plate face down onto the top of each child's head and measure the proper length of each piece of yarn. Yarn should be long enough to tie together under the chin of the child.

    Cut out two wings from black construction paper. Adhere to each side of the bat's paper bag body.

    Adhere wiggle eyes or instruct the children to draw a face on the bat. Be sure that the bat's face is the bottom flap of the bag.

    Adhere the bat to the top of the paper plate. (additional security may have to be added by stapling the bag to the plate)

    Tie the bat hat under the chin of each child.

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    Math Skills

    Play, Bat Match from previous lesson.

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    Language Skills

    Discuss the nocturnal animals again. Discuss their characteristics that have been learned throughout the week.

    Write descriptive words on a chart.

    Discuss the letters and sounds of each descriptive word.

    If time allows, call on one child at a time to act out certain descriptive words.

    An organized game of charades can also be played, using the word list.

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