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  • President Lincoln Webquest
    President Abraham Lincoln is well known as the president who was in office during the American Civil War. But what else do your students know about the 16th president of the United States? Have them complete this fun webquest to learn more!
  • President Buchanan Webquest
    Learn about America's 15th president, James Buchanan, with this webquest.
  • President Pierce Webquest
    Learn about our nation's 14th president, Franklin Pierce, with this webquest.
  • President Fillmore Webquest
    This President's Day encourage your students to learn about some of our nations presidents through a series of webquests! This series covers our nation's 13th through 16th presidents.
  • Teaching the Bill of Rights: My Favorite Lesson Plan
    Tired of the same old lesson plans on the Bill of Rights? This interactive lesson involves multiple learning styles and full class participation.
  • A Fateful Wyoming Wagon Train: The Donner Party to Teach Westward Expansion
    Can you imagine what it would be like to leave your home and everything familiar to you in order to travel west to places you could have never imagined? That's what many brave pioneers did during the time of Westward Expansion. One such ill-fated group is known as the Donner Party.
  • Map Quest: Before There Was GPS! Reinforce Map Skills by Teaching Westward Expansion
    Have your students work on their geography skills during a unit on Westward Expansion. This lesson has students examining primary sources as well as maps of the U.S. in the 1830's and 50's.
  • Vigilantes and Rebels in the West
    In western towns away from the hands of the law, settlers often took legal matters into their own hands. Teach on two examples of vigilante justice in the west by having your students read primary source documents.
  • John Henry: Steel Driving Man
    Head west with your classroom with lessons that engage their sense of adventure. This first lesson in the series is on the myth and history of John Henry, a railroad legend.
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