President James Buchanan Webquest: America’s 15th President

President Buchanan Content Questions

James Buchanan - Google Art Project

  1. To what party did Buchanan belong?
  1. What state was Buchanan from?
  1. How many terms did Buchanan serve?
  1. President Buchanan was America’s only what?
  1. What rumor was spread about Buchanan?
  1. Did Buchanan support slavery in Kansas?
  1. What happened on December 20, 1860?
  1. Did Buchanan stop South Carolina from seceding?
  1. How many states were in the Confederate States of America?
  1. Who was President of the Confederate States of America?


  1. Democrat
  1. Pennsylvania
  1. One
  1. Bachelor President
  1. He was a homosexual
  1. Yes
  1. South Carolina seceded from the Union
  1. No
  1. Seven
  1. Jefferson Davis


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