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Make learning exciting and fun with these lesson plans, worksheets and unique ideas, created and vetted by teachers and education professionals. Several curriculum-based subjects are covered such as language arts, science, social studies and math, as well as thematic units that run throughout all subjects and encourage students to think creatively and holistically. You’ll find book and literature ideas, webquests and computer-based lesson plans, songs and poems, games and much, much more. Make Bright Hub Education among your go-to resources for creative lesson plan ideas.

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  • Character Building Activities for Young Kids in the Classroom
    We need to raise a new generation of citizens who reflect responsible, respectful, and compassionate behavior. Here are some character building activities to bring to your classroom.
  • Building Musical Instruments Promotes STEAM Learning
    Music’s effect on learning has long been recognized as research has reinforced the relationship between music and cognitive development. Because music affects both the left and right brain, it involves the whole child. Why not incorporate STEAM learning as you make DIY instruments in the classroom?
  • Host an International Day With STEAM Projects
    At an International Day at a STEM charter school, each class focused on a single country with information, artifacts and food. What impressed me were the “make and take" crafts involving STEAM skills in relation to a craft that symbolized the country. Here are a few ideas from this amazing event.
  • Biography Day: Buddy Bios Project for Primary Grades
    On May 16 each year, we celebrate the anniversary of Samuel Johnson and his biographer James Boswell in 1763. This is the perfect time to introduce biographies to your class through books and engaging your students in a biographer/biographee relationship project.
  • Crafts for Unofficial Holidays in September
    Kids love holidays, but some months like September do not have any major ones. So, it’s time to think about unofficial holidays and celebrations to entertain your students and create crafts to go along with the date. Here are a few unofficial celebrations to consider in your classroom.
  • Need a Lift? A Second Grade Lesson About Lift and Drag
    Aerodynamics is a big word for second graders. But learning about aerodynamics can be a fun hands-on lesson. First, we will read a book together and then use our knowledge.
  • This Equals Twenty! Mental Math Activities for Second Grade
    When mental math is required, the best technique to accomplish this objective is practice…practice…practice. But how do you keep the students interested when practicing this skill? Make it fun! Here are several activities that are quick, easy and effective.
  • Why Do We Have Winter? Second Grade Science
    By second grade, most children know a lot about winter. They know about animals that hibernate, that the weather becomes colder and outdoor activities change. However, not many can explain why we have winter. Here is a lesson to help them understand the answer.
  • Contrast and Compare The Tortoise and the Hare: Second Grade Language Arts
    When students look at literature with a more critical eye, it helps them to learn different styles of writing and illustrating. In this lesson, we compare two versions of a popular fable.
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