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Looking for help with your Spanish homework? You've come to the right place. Bright Hub Education offers a large resource of Spanish language study guides and tips for improving your ability to understand, speak, read and write Spanish.

This romance language is widely spoken throughout the world, and is the prevalent second language spoken within the United States. Spanish is studied at many grade levels, including elementary school, and is a popular choice to fulfill language requirements in high school and college. Many also choose this as a language to study in later years via online courses or software programs.

No matter when and how you are choosing to learn Spanish, you will appreciate the many study guides and learning tips compiled here by teachers, professors and native speakers of the Spanish language.

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  • El Dia del Padre - Learn Father's Day Terms in Spanish
    Learn the correct Spanish words to celebrate your father. In addition, discover the origins of the holiday, which determine the different dates for Father's day in different Spanish speaking countries.
  • Spanish Picture Flash Cards to Help Remember 5 Verbs
    These downloadable picture flash cards pair funny images with basic Spanish vocabulary, helping you retain and recall the words at need. We also present the concepts you need to create your own cards for memorizing additional verbs.
  • Make Learning Spanish Family Members a Breeze
    Family is the most important motivator in life. This is why understanding the family, their roles and their relationships is one of the essential language concepts to master early on. Here we learn about Spanish family members.
  • Forming Questions in Spanish
    This lesson begins with the structure of declarative or indicative statements in Spanish, then shows the three ways of turning them into questions. It also explains the punctuation and the pronunciation of questions vs. statements in terms of rising or falling intonation.
  • Deciding Between "Ser" & "Estar" in the Past
    It is often easier to most students of Spanish to decide correctly whether to use "ser" or "estar" when they are dealing with the present tense than when they are dealing with the past -- because there also are two past tenses to muddle the question: the preterite and the imperfect.
  • What Syllable Takes the Stress In Spanish
    If you are unsure about which syllable in a Spanish word takes the stress or how accent marks are used in the written language, this article will clear it up.
  • Teaching the Conditional Tense in Spanish
    If it gets complicated to say in English, imagine figuring out how to say it in Spanish: This is the case for many Spanish-learners when trying to use the conditional tense. Conditional tense verbs are often combined with other verbs, but you can still learn how to use them here.
  • Using Your Favorite Fiction to Increase Spanish Fluency
    If you're the type of person that keeps your favorite books close and re-reads them constantly, this is the perfect fluency exercise for you. Re-reading your favorite stories in Spanish transports you to familiar places, giving you a leg up on interpreting unfamiliar words.
  • Spanish Cooking Vocabulary and the Culture of Spanish Cuisine
    Spain, like France and Italy, is a country of rich culinary culture. The pleasure of going to a restaurant and understanding the dishes, as well as the talent of the chef or waiter in describing them, is one of the highlights of a tourist’s itinerary.
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