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Teaching Students How to Say Good Luck In Spanish

written by: Audrey Alleyne • edited by: SForsyth • updated: 7/16/2014

Spanish speaking people have different ways of expressing good luck to each other.These expressions on how to say good luck in Spanish do not necessarily translate literally into English.

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    Buena suerte

    ¡Buena suerte! Is the expression used in Spanish to wish someone good luck. It is also used to express “Best of Luck".You can also Flag of Spain say "¡Que tenga suerte! to a stranger or ¡Que tengas suerte! to a friend.However, there are many other expressions like in other languages with varying expressions of good luck. If a student would like to say “This pen brings me good luck" in Spanish, he should say: "Este bolígrafo me da buena suerte."

    Following are some expressions which students can learn and practice as they may come in handy at some time in their adventure with the Spanish language.

    'Estar de suerte' or 'estar con suerte' means ‘to be in luck'. If the student wants to say that he is in luck or lucky, he can say: 'Estoy de suerte' or 'Estoy con suerte'.

    I have luck on my side

    Tengo la suerte de mi parte

    I am lucky

    Tengo suerte

    If they wanted to say that someone got a lucky break, they could say “How lucky"

    ¡Qué suerte tiene!"

    How would you say that you are wearing your lucky shirt"?

    Visto mi camisa de la suerte.

    Tell your friend that it’s his lucky day.

    Hoy estás de suerte

    If someone has a lucky escape you use "escaparse por los pelos."

    I had a lucky escape

    Yo me escapé por los pelos

    Third time luck is expressed by: a la tercera va la vencida

    Lucky you! or Lucky deal! is expressed by ¡Qué suerte tiene!

    To thank one’s lucky stars is “dar gracias a Dios."

    A piece of luck or a stroke of luck is expressed by un golpe de suerte

    Luckily is expressed by “por suerte" or “afortunadamente."

    Estar de suerte or estar con suerte means ‘to be in luck.' If the student wants to say that he is in luck or lucky, he can say:

    Estoy de suerte or Estoy con suerte.

    These are very useful expressions. There are however many expressions using the word luck. Explore these with your teacher, including expressions for bad luck. Then compose sentences in Spanish using these expressions. Next, practice them with your classmates.

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    Superstition and Bad Luck

    Superstition and bad luck are believed to exist in all cultures, and for the Spanish, this is no exception. Superstitious beliefs differ in different cultures. Spanish speaking people like those in other cultures do not only use verbal expressions for good luck. The Spanish also wear talisman and charms to ward off evil or bad luck called “mala suerte" in Spanish. Talismans are also hung in houses. Wearing of the cross on a necklace, rosary or bracelet for example, is one of the most popular means of warding off evil.

    Wishing you good luck in your study and search for more expressions of luck is in order now - ¡Buena suerte!