A lesson plan to teach students the elements of literature by having them create their own fairy tales

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Let Your Imagination Go: Creating a Fairytale/Folktale of Your Own

Be sure to review the elements of folktales and fairytales before you begin the lesson.

  • Groups should discuss the fairy tales read for the last assignment.
  • Groups should select one to explore.
  • Instruct the class they will be rewriting the fairytale or folktale they selected.
  • Instruct groups to plan the story and assign roles.
  • Instruct groups to write out the plan they will follow to rewrite the story. For example: changed ending: Mia will be responsible for writing a 3 paragraph ending with character x doing (fill in the blank). Kaela will rewrite the story beginning and instead of traditional ‘once upon a time’ she’ll use (fill in the blank).
  • Each student in the group, as well as the teacher, should have a copy of the plan.


  • Once groups have completed their written plans, check them; make sure all have an active part and a chance to express their creativity.
  • Instruct students to begin rewriting.
  • As students write have them edit each other’s work and then rewrite as needed. By the end of the class period groups should have completed a rough draft of their new story.
  • If time permits allow them to type up the stories and save on a computer. Each member of the group should be given one or two parts of the story to illustrate at home. Students can draw, paint, and cut out photos, magazine pictures or whatever they like.This can be done in class or at home.
  • Have groups share their story with the class. You can even have them vote on the most creative rewrite.
  • At the completion of class, instruct students they will be creating a skit or puppet show next class. Ask them to think about which they would like to do.
  • Instruct students to write reasons why and to be prepared to discuss their ideas with their group.


  • Teacher experience.

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