Letter Lesson: Letter of Commendation

Use Friendly Letter Format

Students may be asked to write a letter of commendation to award people who touch their lives in a positive way. Many do not know where to begin when the task is assigned. First, students need to know how to properly write a friendly letter.

Writing a letter of commendation is more than jotting a nice thought on notebook paper. It is a somewhat formal letter that tells another of a person’s good works. The friendly letter format includes the following elements:

  • student’s address or the school’s address
  • date
  • address where the letter is to be sent
  • salutation
  • body of letter
  • closing

A sample letter of commendation appears on the Writing Help website.

Brainstorm Ideas for Commendation Letter

Students may be asked to write a letter of commendation for awards that are given in the community or school. However, if students feel that a person has positively influenced their lives, they can send this letter to the person’s place of work, boss or administrator.

First, students need to make a list of what the person has done well and why they think this person deserves this letter. Specific details or a description of good works make a strong letter.

Write Draft

Students need to follow the friendly letter format when writing the rough draft.

For the body of the letter, students can follow this format:

  1. In the introductory paragraph, students need to tell who is being commended and the main reason why the letter is being sent.
  2. In the middle paragraph (s), students need to write specific reasons why the person deserves the commendation. Describing events where the person went above-and-beyond are nice detail.
  3. In the closing paragraph, students need to pass on their thanks and admiration for the person being commended.

The rough drafts should be edited for writing convention issues.

Write Final Copy

Teachers should let parents know that the letters will be sent. If parents are uncomfortable sending the letter, the student can just write the letter for a grade and for the experience of writing a friendly letter of commendation.

Students should write the final copy on stationary or nice paper. Then, students should send the letters to the appropriate person.

This letter writing assignment is a positive way for students to thank people who make a difference in their lives. It should make the students feel great, and the person receiving the commendation will also appreciate the letter.

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