Several Ideas for Finding Free ACT Practice Tests

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One of the best ways to prepare for the ACT is to take practice tests that simulate the actual exam. There are several resources students can use to access good ACT practice tests, and surprisingly, a good number of those resources are free. Because most commercial products for ACT test prep are highly advertised, many students and their parents may not be aware of the free resources.

Although it may not include full length practice tests, an often over-looked free resource for test prep is the student’s current textbook. Most textbooks today include some exercises designated as standardized test practice. The exercises may be scattered throughout the text or may be included in a separate section.

An excellent free resource for ACT test prep is the practice booklet issued at the time of registration. This booklet contains practice questions that are representative of the types of exercises on the real test.

The school guidance counselor is also a resource for free test prep materials. This person is usually responsible for overseeing the registration process and may have access to study and practice materials. The counselor should also have information about the availability of free ACT test prep classes either at the school or someplace nearby.

Some of the best free ACT practice tests and study materials are found online. There are several good sites that provide prep for both the ACT and SAT. Most include answers and explanations to all the exercises and some even include an excellent review of topics covered on the exams.

Here are some of the best sites that I have found for free ACT test prep.

The practice tests can be printed out and taken under simulated test conditions if desired.

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