An Introduction to the ACT for Teachers, Students and Parents

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Introduction to the ACT

This article is an introduction to a series of articles on ACT test prep. The ACT is the most widely used College Entrance Examination in the country. It is a very predictable test, so preparation for it can significantly increase chances of getting a good score.

If you are a high school teacher, then you will probably be involved in some ACT test prep activities at some point. Your school may offer test prep classes that you can teach, either as part of the regular curriculum or as an after-school or summer program. At the very least, you will occasionally have a student ask a question about a particular topic on the ACT test. Even if you aren’t directly involved in test prep for your students, having relevant information about the test to pass on to interested parents and students is a good idea.

If you are a student getting ready to take the ACT, then learning what to expect on test day is a very important test prep strategy. Many students mistakenly believe there is no way to study or prepare for a standardized test, such is not the case with the ACT.

And finally, if you are a parent, then you may want to take an active role in guiding your teen through the college admissions process but feel ill equipped to do so. The information in this article series will give you with the foundation you need to help you feel confident in providing guidance for your teen.

More About the ACT

In this series I will discuss several important aspects of prepping for the ACT test. Articles included in the series are:

· Why ACT Test Prep is Important

· Free ACT Test Prep Resources

· ACT Test Prep for Math

The information provided in this series is important for three different audiences—students, parents, and teachers.

This post is part of the series: ACT Test Prep

This is a series of articles about various aspects of the ACT college entrance exam. Topics covered in the series include why ACT test prep is important, how to register for the exam, free resources for ACT test prep, and an in-depth look at the math section of the ACT.

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