Writing a Pre Kindergarten Parent Newsletter: What Should Be Included?

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A monthly pre kindergarten parent newsletter is a great way to keep the parents involved in the classroom. Many times the teacher will get notes sent to the class asking about what the child is learning or will be learning about in the upcoming weeks. Other times they may question events going on in the school or even school trips you may be taking the students on. The newsletter will be able to keep all parents happy with the updates and also keep preschool students in the loop as well.

What To Include?

Monthly Academics:

In the monthly academics section the teacher can include what the students have learned over the past month. Perhaps they have been counting from 0 to 10 or even identifying patterns. To keep the children involved in the newsletter include a small area below the section allowing for the students to show their learned skills to parents. For instance if the children have been learning patterns, include an incomplete pattern and have parents ask children to complete the pattern directly on this page. This will make the newsletter fun and interactive for both the parents and the children.

Future Academics:

In the future academics section, briefly go over what the children will be learning about in the coming month. Go over topics and projects which the children may be taking part in. Divide this section into subsections such as Math, Phonics, Science, etc. The division of categories will give the parents a better understanding of everything their child is doing in class.

Field Trips:

Having a field trip next month or maybe you had one last month? Include information about this trip and where the children will be visiting. Also include pictures either of the actual trip or from the place they will be visiting next month. Children will live seeing their pictures in the newsletter! For future tips include a small volunteer section which the parent can fill out, tear off, and send back if they would like to volunteer for a future trip. This can also be a good place to include a consent form.

Art Corner:

What better way to involve the parents then to actually show them how creative their little ones are? The art corner can include drawings by the preschool students. To do this you can scan the drawings into a computer, minimize, and copy directly into the newsletter. Make sure to include each artist’s name for the section.

School Events:

School events are occurring every month. You can include pictures from past events and information for new events. For instance if the month is December, you can include pictures from the Thanksgiving Food Drive and information for the Holiday Fair coming up before Holiday Recess. This section can include volunteer forms again in case parents would like to participate in events.

Contact List:

This section can include important contact numbers for school and teachers as well as email information. This is a great section to include as many sometimes parents do not know who to contact for certain issues (financial, counselor, etc.)

While the pre kindergarten parent newsletter can be monthly it can also be bimonthly or even quarterly, to save paper of course. These newsletters would obviously be bulkier as it would contain more information. Other fun items to include may be crosswords or even stories created by preschool students. Remember to keep your eyes and mind open to other newsletter possibilities!