The Goals of Physical Education: General Objectives of a Physical Education Class

The Goals of Physical Education: General Objectives of a Physical Education Class
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What Should the Students Get out of the Class?

There are many ideas created by Physical Education theorists about what the aims of physical activity classes in schools should be. I will not enter in the debate, given that it is a complex issue that can not be summarized in a couple of sentences without being too simplistic. Therefore, I will not talk about the specific goals for the different stages of children’s development which affects physical activity programs, nor will I talk about the different objectives for each academic course or the difference between the elementary or high school level.

Suffice to say, however, that these theories can be debated in another article where we shall go into the differences between primary and secondary school physical education curricula. In my experience, the primary goal that has worked for me is the following: “To help the students to fall in love with exercise in such a way that they introduce it in their lifestyle regularly”.

How to Get Your Students to Love Exercise

That sounds beautiful and seems to be easy however it is a core question that evokes more questions like: How can the teacher achieve this? What are the types of activities needed to attain it? Is it necessary to have theoretical classes within the physical activity classes to make the students aware of the long term health benefits of exercise?

I think that there is an easy answer to these questions, and scientific research will be needed to know what the best solution is, but I will share some insights that could give shed some light about this.

The first step to fall in love with something is to know it. This is the main objective of a physical education program. The deeper you know something that is nice, good and even beautiful, the deeper you fall in love with it.

Physical activity is one of the most wonderful things attainable for all of us. How do we achieve this? How can students fall in love with exercise and make it something they will do for the rest of their lives? But we have to know first what the concept of physical activity means. Thus, in the next article we will clarify what physical activity is, and then we will be ready to explore a program of physical education that helps the students to fall in love with exercise.


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