Gifts For Students From Teacher: Graduation or Christmas Giving

Gift Ideas for Students

If you are looking for some cute gift ideas to give to your primary students around the holidays, at the end of the school year, or for graduation, then take some planning time to create these thoughtful and educational gifts.

Materials Needed:

Chalkboard paint – in pints or spray can, approximate cost, $15.00 (covers a 3' x 6' area)

Corrugated Cardboard (used in boxes)

Chalk $1.00 per box


Box Knife



To Start:

Initiate a classroom (or a friends and family) drive of corrugated cardboard. Cut pieces to the size of a sheet of paper (81/2 by 11'') with the box knife. Use the ruler to measure and draw lines, and as a straight edge.


Paint or spray paint the corrugated pieces, and allow them to dry for three days. Repeat with a second coat. Once the second coat is dry, glue twine to the edges of the cardboard for a decorative effect. Use the back of the finished chalkboard to personalize the gift with a message to each student to keep learning. If desired, draw a small decoration or print the student's name on the finished chalkboard.


Chalk can be purchased from a discount or dollar store. The amount spent on the chalk is at the teacher's discretion. Packages of chalk can be split between two or three students, depending on the size of the box (the box can be shared among students by tying a few pieces of chalk together with a ribbon). Teachers can also buy chalk in bulk at most toy stores, or teacher stores, if desired, for students to receive more pieces. Small erasers can also be purchased, if desired.

Wrap it Up:

This is another occasion to be creative. Use newspaper or construction paper to wrap. By creating this gift, you are modeling to students how you value reusing, reducing, and recycling.

Author's Note:

This craft idea can be modified using other materials, such as coffee cans, metal planters, or even vinyl placemats. Be creative, and enjoy!

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