When Does Summer School Start? Information For Parents And Students

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When does summer school start? Most students begin attending summer school within a few weeks of completing the traditional school year. Summer school programs typically last approximately four weeks and can be structured on either a half-day or full-day schedule. Teachers may recommend that certain students attend summer school due to poor grades, or parents may have their kids attend for enrichment reasons.

Finding Information About Summer School Programs

Parents can often begin registering their children for summer school during the spring of the previous school year. Summer school information may be distributed in several ways:

  • Parents can contact the school office and inquire about which summer school programs are available. A child who needs assistance in math may be able to take just one summer course, while another child may benefit from a general summer program that combines reading, math, and science activities. Special Education students are often able to attend summer classes that are geared toward their individual needs.
  • Often, school districts send information on summer school home with all students so that parents can look at the available options and fill out an enrollment form. Parents should note the starting and ending date of the summer school program and the times of day/days per week that their child will be attending the program.

Preparing Kids For Summer School

Students who anticipated having time off from June until August may be upset at the prospect of going to summer school. Parents can help their kids adjust to these plans by starting as early as possible to discuss the positive aspects of summer school.

  • Summer school offers kids the chance to interact with other students on a daily basis. Children who are easily bored at home over the summer break may enjoy the social opportunities that summer school provides.
  • Participation in summer school helps students who are struggling academically to stay on par with other students in their grade. Parents can emphasize the importance of school success and encourage their kids to apply themselves while in a summer program.
  • Many summer programs include outdoor time and field trip activities that students enjoy.

Adjusting Summer Plans

Another reason that parents should be diligent in finding out when summer school begins is to ensure that vacation plans and other events are not scheduled to conflict with school. Though most students are able to miss a day or two of summer school if necessary, parents can organize the family schedule ahead of time by:

  • Planning vacations or special day trips during a time period when summer school is typically not in session, such as the week after the school year ends or the middle of August before the next school year begins.
  • Scheduling doctor or dental appointments for children in the afternoon when the summer school day ends.
  • Checking in advance to make sure that summer sports, camps, or other extracurricular activities do not interfere with summer school.

Although students may not initially be excited when hearing their parents ask “When does summer school start?”, they usually adjust well to this type of program. Parents can motivate their children during summer school by planning fun activities as a reward for good attendance and performance.