Outdoor Party Game Ideas for Preschoolers

Party Games for Preschoolers

Outdoor games are great for late spring and summer preschool parties when the weather permits. Here are some tried and true games for young children:

1.Balloon Popping – Tie balloons around the ankles of each participating child.The children then run around trying to pop each other’s balloons. The last child with a balloon is the winner.

2.Lucky Duck – There are many different themed rubber floating ducks available at party stores. Get some ducks that match the theme to your party (luau ducks for a tropical party, cowboy ducks for a western party, graduate ducks for a preschool graduation party). You will need one for each party guest. Use a sharpie to put a special winner symbol on the bottom of a few ducks, and let them float in a baby pool or large container of water. Each child picks a duck and the ones with winner symbols get prizes. If you would like each child to get a prize, you can use different symbols for different prizes to make the party game more exciting.

3.Wet Balloon – This game is a variation of hot potato. Pass a water balloon around until it pops. Be sure it is relatively full so it is not impossible to break. When it pops, that child is out. Continue with more water balloons until only one child—the winner—is left.

4.Water Relay Race – Split party guests into two groups. Each group lines up behind a bucket of water with some food dye in it. Place another container about twenty-five feet away. One child then uses a sponge to collect water from the first bucket, runs to the next bucket, and squeezes the colored water in. The child runs back and hands the sponge to next child.The first team to fill the second bucket wins.

Parties are a lot of fun for children, and having some outdoor games ready can make the party less stressful for the parents, teacher, or whoever is managing the party. A wonderful tip is to have a craft activity, face painting station, or even a moon bounce for the children who got “out” of a game so they do not feel left out. All the children can join in these activities when the games are over.

*Always have a backup plan if the party must be moved indoors due to weather.