Two Warm-up Games for the Common Core English Classroom

Two Warm-up Games for the Common Core English Classroom
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How do we have fun with the Common Core in English class? We know that the goals of the Common Core in English are to foster Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Language. While teachers know these topics are important, they may not always been stimulating to groups of school children. All good teachers ask “in what ways can they introduce these Common Core concepts that will be fun for students”?

Strong teachers are already emphasizing these attributes in a myriad of ways within the perimeters of their classrooms. There is little need for the Common Core to be dreaded and feared by teachers or students. Whether you are just getting ready to end your school year or are looking ahead to September for when you begin to introduce and reinforce these four keys skills, it is always best to start with a warm up game.

The simple power point and handout, both of which can be downloaded, are excellent tools, not just for students in the classroom, but for all faculty as a brief faculty meeting activity. It allows English teachers to practice the skills that they will eventually need to teach to their students and will showcase to the other faculty the type of writing that is expected in the English classroom so they can mirror it at times in their own classroom activities. Once the teachers have tried to play the warm up games, pass them along to the students and get them ready for Common Core English Success.


Common Core Warmup Games Power Point

Games Handout

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