Spanish Class: Emergency Lesson Plans to Enhance Your Students' Vocabulary

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Teaching Students How to Deal With Life’s Little Upsets

Are you looking for lesson plans that will teach your students how to deal with emergencies? Teaching the vocabulary can be interesting and fun provided you use enough activities and role playing to keep the classroom’s energy level up. Skits and games can help liven up the learning and help it to really “stick” in students’ minds.


  • Teach students vocabulary and useful phrases for emergencies in Spanish.
  • Use various skits and games to help liven up the learning experience.


  • Students will need to have paper and pencils.
  • Also, make sure to have whiteboard markers and a whiteboard for classroom use.


1. Introduce the key vocabulary and phrases to the students. Have students repeat the various words after you. Make sure to focus on their pronunciation and intonation. Also, try having students write the vocabulary words and phrases into their notes so they can refer back to them in the future. An example list of words would go as follows:

  • ambulance – ambulancia
  • explosion – explosión
  • burned – quemado
  • doctor – el médico/la médica
  • fire – fuego
  • fire extinguisher – extinto
  • fireman – el bombero
  • firetruck – el carro de bomberos
  • ladder – la escalera
  • paramedic -– el paramédico
  • policeman – el policía

2. Introduce the phrase Yo necesito… (I need…). Practice using it with the various vocabulary words. For example, Yo necesito el bombero. (I need a fireman)

3. Hand out the worksheet that you can find here and have students practice saying what they would need in each situation. There is also a section that students can do on unscrambling the Spanish words. Use this worksheet to help them practice their writing and reading skills in Spanish.

4. As a class, review the vocabulary words again. Say the English word and see if students can recall the Spanish word that corresponds with it. If you have time, try doing some extension activities to help them use their new vocabulary words.

Emergency lesson plans for your Spanish class can help your students to learn necessary vocabulary before they study abroad. Knowing the vocabulary that is needed in an emergency situation can help students to feel safe and confident in any situation.

Extension Activities

If you have time, using some simple extension activities can help students to have a stronger comprehension of the vocabulary. One particularly useful activity is role playing the different scenarios. Some examples would include:

  • Have one student pretend their house is on fire and the other student can be the emergency responder who they call for help.
  • One student can pretend to call 911 for a doctor. Another student can be the doctor and ask what is wrong and try to fix the ailment.
  • Another role play that can be done would be for a robbery situation. One student can pretend to have had their purse or wallet stolen and can find a policeman for help with their situation.


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