Spanish Lesson Plans for Secondary Grades 6-12

Not only is Spanish spoken in many countries around the world it is the second most common language spoken in the U.S.! How do you get your students excited about learning this dynamic and important language? Try one of our teacher-tested lesson plans and activities. You’ll find everything from teaching basic Spanish phrases and vocabulary, to grammar and writing lessons, to songs and games. In addition, find a variety of quizzes (complete with answer keys of course) and worksheets easily adapted to suit your classroom environment.

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  • Memory Hacks to Ace Spanish
    A certain amount of memorization is necessary to learn any language. But are you memorizing words the slow and painful way? Or the quick and easy way?
  • Teaching Spanish: Vocabulary Practice For New Year's Eve
    Teaching specialized vocabulary in Spanish is a good way to add variety to the lesson plan. This article provides a specialized Spanish vocabulary word and New Year's resolution list. It also includes a downloadable New Year's resolution matching quiz.
  • Spanish Verb Tenses: Conditional
    Incorporate critical thinking into your next conditional tense Spanish lesson. Includes students completing sentences about hypothetical situations in Spanish.
  • Spanish Lesson Plan on the Imperfect Verb Tense
    Need an idea for reinforcing the basic idea of the imperfect tense? This lesson plan with give students a creative way to apply new learning!
  • Spanish Lesson Plan: Preterite Verb Tense
    Need some ideas to reinforce preterite tense in Spanish? Check out this plan with some fun ideas to get your students moving into past tense.
  • Spanish Lesson Plan: The Future Verb Tense
    Want your Spanish students to jump into the future? Check out this plan that fosters future verb tense usage.
  • Spanish Lesson Plan: Present Verb Tense
    Learning the Spanish verb tenses is the key to opening up Spanish conversation. These plans provide simple activities to aid in this process!
  • See It and Say It in Spanish: Flip Flop Learning Program Review
    See It and Say It in Spanish is a language learning tool that can be used with students of almost all ages in a variety of settings. The curriculum engages students through using flash cards and audio CDs. This is best used for individuals, homeschooling parents, or in a learning center.
  • Spanish Exclamatory Determining Adjectives
    Looking for new and clearer ways to teach the determining adjectives? Take a look at this unit that explicitly identifies and explains exclamatory determining adjectives!
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