Lesson on Spanish Interrogative Determining Adjectives

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The fifth type of determining adjective is the interrogative set. These types of adjectives can be easily explained and easily utilized. This lesson plan will have students creating dialogue and putting the adjectives into use within the classroom.

Lesson 5 Objectives:

  • Students will understand the general properties of all determining adjectives.
  • Students will understand and be able to use interrogative determining adjectives.


Lesson Procedure:

1. Review determining adjectives. Revisit that there are many types of determining adjectives, but that they all have many things in common:

a. They always possess a gender and identify a quantity.

b. They always agree with the gender and number of the noun or name that they accompany.

c. They may be placed either before or after the noun or name that they accompany.

2. Do a quick review of demonstrative adjectives, possessive adjectives, numeral adjectives, and indefinite adjectives to ensure retention.

3. Introduce the concept of interrogative determining adjectives and give examples in English.

4. Fill out the chart in the Organization sheet and create examples.

5. Have students ask popcorn questions around the room. Have one student ask another student a question using the proper grammar. The next student will answer and then ask a similar but different question to another student. Continue around the room until all have participated.

6. Have students get into partners or small groups and have them write a dialogue that includes at least five examples of interrogative adjectives.

7. Have students read their dialogues in front of the class.


Assess student understanding as students ask questions in popcorn fashion around the room. You will also be able to assess student understanding by collecting or listening to the students’ dialogue they have written.

The final type of determining adjectives is very similar to the interrogative adjective and as a result, will be an easy transition for your students. Check out the last lesson in the unit and finish this concept well! For further information on interrogative adjectives, check out this site: https://www.gramaticas.net/2010/09/ejemplos-de-adjetivos-interrogativos.html


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