Teaching Spanish Exclamatory Determining Adjectives

Teaching Spanish Exclamatory Determining Adjectives
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After all the work done on determining adjectives in this unit, you and your class deserve a break! This last lesson in the unit is the simplest lesson of all and will have your students participating in interactive games to promote learning!

Lesson 6 Objectives:

  • Students will understand the general properties of all determining adjectives.
  • Students will understand and be able to use exclamatory determining adjectives.


Lesson Procedure:

1. Review determining adjectives. Revisit that there are many types of determining adjectives, but that they all have many things in common:

a. They always possess a gender and identify a quantity.

b. They always agree with the gender and number of the noun or name that they accompany.

c. They may be placed either before or after the noun or name that they accompany.

2. Review demonstrative adjectives, possessive adjectives, numeral adjectives, indefinite adjectives, and interrogative adjectives to ensure retention.

3. Introduce the concept of exclamatory determining adjectives and give examples in English.

4. Get out the organizational sheet and have students fill out the exclamatory adjectives section, creating examples as you work through the concept.

5. Have students say an encouraging exclamatory term about another student in the class (i.e. ¡Qué belleza¡ or ¡Qué talentoso! etc.). Then go around the class having students create exclamatory sentence about the classroom or the world around them using “Cuánto/a” and “Cuántos/as.”

6. Play exclamatory charades. Give students a small slip of paper and have them write on exclamatory adjective phrase on their piece of paper. Mix up the papers and put them into a hat. Have students act out or draw out what the phrase is saying. The team with the most points is the winning team.


This lesson is much lighter than the other lessons contained within the unit. Assess student progress on this lesson alone by listening as they come up with exclamatory phrases. A comprehension quiz or test at the end of this unit will be necessary to gauge student learning.

The determining adjectives are a large and important part of the Spanish language. Make sure you’ve taken an adequate amount of time for each lesson and created space for ample review. Working through these adjectives really is a journey for your class and I hope that these lesson plans have made that journey a little clearer and simpler! For further information on exclamatory adjectives, check out this site: https://www.gramaticas.net/2010/09/ejemplos-de-adjetivos-exclamativos.html


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