David and Goliath Preschool Lesson Plan

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Focus of the Story

As you tell the story, focus on the fact that David was a young boy when the story happened. Throughout the story, remind students that people can do important things no matter how small they are.

Connect to the Story

Explain that David didn’t have a choice because he was in the middle of a war; he had to use his stones and slingshot. Emphasize the fact that there are other ways to help when someone is being mean, and that little kids can make a big difference in keeping the world safe. Ask students what they would do if someone big and mean came up to them. Give them viable alternatives to violence, including telling a teacher, walking away, or joking and trying to make the person their friend (only in the case of innocent teasing, of course).

David’s Bag

Give each student a paper lunch bag. Provide students with art supplies, and encourage them to decorate their bags. Help students write “David’s Bag of Stones” (replacing David’s name with their own, if they’d like) on the front of their bags. Then punch a hole in the top of the bag and show students how to string some yarn through the hole and tie it to make a handle for their bag. They can sling the bag over their shoulder by using the handle.

Stone Art

Go on a short nature walk with students and encourage them to pick up stones just like David did. After the walk, ask them to discuss why they chose the stones that they did. Then provide students with paint, glitter, and other art supplies that they can use to decorate their stones. Show them how to place the stones into their bag, and encourage them to start their own stone collection.

Beanbag Toss

Draw a simple target on a piece of tag board and show students how to throw beanbags at the target. Instead of having them compete against each other, have them each try to aim even better than their last aim each time.

Teaching a David and Goliath bible lesson for kids can be boring – unless you know how to spice it up. Try some of these activities, and watch the lesson come alive before your eyes!

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