Lesson Plan on the Six Days of Creation for Pre-K Students

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In this creation lesson plan for preschool, students will learn about how the world was created in 6 days as well as what was created on each day.

Ask children to list their favorite parts of nature, and write their responses on the board or chart paper. Then ask them who created all of the parts of nature. Explain that God created them all a long, long time ago. To develop this concept, read a book about the creation of the world, such as 7 Days of Creation by Mindy Macdonald.

Main Project

Assist children in folding a piece of paper to make six sections (fold into thirds horizontally, then in half vertically). Alternatively, you could pre-print pages with a six-section table for children to use. Help children to write the numbers 1-6 at the top of each section. Then encourage children to draw a picture of each day’s creation. Use the book as an aid to remind children what was created on each day, and draw your own version on the board or chart paper so that they can follow along easily.

The following is a list of ideas about how you can represent each day in an easy-to-draw picture:

·Day 1 – You can represent light and darkness by drawing a circle, splitting it in half with a straight or jagged line, and then coloring one side black.

·Day 2 – You can represent the divisions of the water by drawing a cloud above and a squiggly line for water below.

·Day 3 – From here on, the drawings will be easy and fun! Have children draw pictures of various trees, plants, or flowers that they enjoy.

·Day 4 – Children should be able to draw a sun and moon easily. Show them how to draw stars, but expect theirs to be lopsided. If you’d like, encourage them to draw planets as well.

·Day 5 – Help children to draw birds, fish, and other animals that live in the sky or the water. Popular choices might include butterflies, octopi, or sharks.

·Day 6 – Children will enjoy drawing their favorite animals. Make sure they know to include a picture of two people (stick figures) as well.


Ask students which creations they think were most important and why. There is no right answer to this question other than that all of the creations were important, but the discussion will help children to understand the greatness of each creation. As a final activity, call out the name of a creation and have children use their projects to identify the day that it was created on. Encourage children to hold up the correct number of fingers to show their answers.

This lesson addresses several skills in addition to religious understanding, including counting, drawing, categorizing, and appreciating nature. What a wonderful way to learn about creation for preschool children!

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