Pine Cone Activities for Preschool

Pine cones are great raw materials for beautiful Christmas crafts. Here are some pine cone activities for preschool that you can use. Add fun and excitement to these crafts by getting the children to go out and pick up their own pine cones to make them. You could also give children the option of doing one or more different pine cone crafts by placing materials on different tables and encouraging children to try out different crafts.

Christmas Tree Pine Cone

Materials Required: pine cone, green acrylic paint, paintbrush, silver glitter glue, bottle cap, plasticine

This is a simple but pretty and unique Christmas craft. Wash and dry a pine cone. Use green acrylic paint to paint it all over. Allow it to dry. Now apply bits of silver glitter glue on the edges of each pine cone. Allow it to dry. Fill up a bottle cap with plasticine and make the pine cone stand on it by pushing the stem of the pine cone into the plasticine. Your miniature Christmas tree is ready.

Pine Cone Door Decorations

Materials Required: silver acrylic paint, pine cones, thin ribbons, large red bow

To make this pine cone decoration, wash and dry a few pine cones (3-5). Paint them all with silver acrylic paint and allow them to dry. Tie one end of a long piece of ribbon to each pine cone, and tie the other end of all the ribbons together. Attach the large red bow to this bunch of ribbons. You now have a nice pine cone decoration that can be used to decorate a door or a wall.

Pine Cone and Holly

Materials Required: green construction paper, scissors, super glue, pine cone

For this activity, help children draw and cut out holly leaves from green construction paper. Glue these on to the top of a clean pine cone. Attach about 2-3 leaves per pine cone. Make a few balls with red play dough or plasticine, and glue them on the top of the leaves together. You have an easy to make Christmas decoration that preschool children can enjoy.

Plasticine Balls Pine Cones

Materials Required: A large pine cone, red play dough or plasticine, super glue

Wash and dry a large pine cone. Make little balls of red plasticine or play dough. Glue these on the petals of the pine cone. Preschool children will enjoy making tiny play dough balls and gluing them.

Hope these ideas for pine cone activities for preschool were useful for you. For more ideas related to Christmas crafts read this. For a general rule, pine cones decorated with gold ribbons, red ribbon, holly and ivy look beautiful no matter what you do. So allow your children to be creative, and make up their own unique pine cone crafts. Continue to browse through Bright Hub for more art and craft ideas.