3 Easy Preschool Ideas for Making Christmas Ornaments & Crafts Using Old CDs

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Keep Kids Busy as Christmas Approaches!

Are you looking for easy Christmas ornaments projects that you can do with your preschoolers? Try these projects using old CD-ROMs. The round shape makes an old CD the perfect candidate for a Christmas ornament. Crafts for preschool age children can be painted, covered or embellished. Once kids have their creative juices flowing, there are an unlimited number of ornaments that can be made using the simple suggestions below as a springboard.

Christmas Wreath


  • 2 CDs per student
  • Green paint and paintbrush
  • Glue stick
  • Piece of curling ribbon cut to make a small hanger
  • Red bow (can be made from ribbon or cut from paper)
  • Small embellishments (buttons, jewels)

Have the students paint the silver side of each of the CD-ROMs with green paint. Allow to dry. Spread glue on the unpainted sides of the disks. Position the curling ribbon near the top of one of the disks so that it can act as a wreath hanger. Put the two unpainted sides of the disks together so that when complete the wreath is green on both sides and the ribbon forms a hanger at the top. Using glue, position the red bow near the bottom of the painted wreath. Continue to use the glue to attach the small embellishments.

Round Christmas Ornament


  • 1 CD per student
  • Christmas wrapping paper, or plain colored construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Piece of curling ribbon cut to make a small hanger
  • Small piece of clear tape to secure the ribbon
  • Small embellishments (buttons, jewels) – optional
  • Crayons and markers - optional

Have the students place the CD on either the wrong side of a sheet of Christmas wrapping paper or on one sheet of construction paper. Trace the CD onto the paper using the pencil. Using the scissors, cut out the paper circle. Using glue, attach the paper to the printed side of the CD – leaving the silver side of the CD uncovered. If students have used Christmas wrapping paper, they may wish to leave the CD unadorned. If students have used the plain paper, they will want to spend time using glue to attach small embellishments to their ornament. Or, they may wish to decorate the ornament with crayon and marker drawings. Attach a hanger to the back of the ornament using the curling ribbon. You may wish to use a piece of tape to secure it. Or, you may wish to use a longer piece of curling ribbon and run the hanger through the center of the CD – where the hole is. Then tie the two ends together to form a secure circle.

Another version of this project would be to decorate two CD-ROMS and then glue the disks together using the same instructions found in the Christmas Wreath version.

Christmas Candy Ornament


  • 2 CD-ROMs per student
  • Small Christmas candies (M&Ms, gumdrops, mints, gummy bears and so on)
  • Glue
  • Paint (optional)
  • Plain colored construction paper (optional)
  • Fishing line to use as the ornament hanger

Glue the printed side of the two CD-ROMS together. String the fishing line through the center circle of the disk. Tie ends together to form a hanger.

An optional step at this point would be to paint both sides of the disk, or cover them with paper cut in a circle to the same size as the ornament.

Using glue, begin gluing small pieces of holiday candy to the front of the ornament – being careful to cover as much space as possible. Encourage your students to use the candies to create patterns for visual interest. Have the students cover only one side of the ornament with candy…or it will be too heavy to put on the tree!

These are only a few examples of kids Christmas ornaments that can be made using old CD-ROMS. Let your youngsters go wild this holiday season while working on these Christmas ornaments. Crafts for preschool age children are sure to be treasured favorites at home for years to come.