5 Educational Themes for Daycare

Daycare is a time when children build up a lot of skills that prepare them for school. A well-planned, educative day care program can build a good foundation that will impact the child’s education. Improve the quality of education provided at your day care center with these ideas for themes for daycare. Themes make learning fun and enjoyable, and add excitement to the day. Here are some ideas that can be easily integrated into your daycare schedule.

Water Theme

Water is an interesting theme that preschool children might enjoy. Decorate the room with blue scarves and curtains to depict the theme. Use this theme to teach children a variety of science concepts. A few large tubs filled with water can be a great way to introduce different science activities for learning centers.

Plants and Gardening Theme

Plants and Gardening is another in our themes for daycare that can be used to teach children a lot about the natural living world. Children living in cities often do not get enough exposure to plants, and thus don’t get opportunities to learn about them. Bring real pots and small plants in glass jars into your classroom, to teach children about the plant work. Get the kids involved in caring for the plants, changing water in the jars etc. A garden theme can similarly be used to teach children about other life in the garden, including bugs and insects. Here are some art projects on the plant theme that you can use for your art and craft time. Take the kids out to the garden for a small picnic, and make snacks using garden products like fresh vegetables and fruits.

Transport Theme

This is a great theme that kids will enjoy, especially little boys. Decorate your day care center with pictures and models of different modes of transport. Here are some stories and songs that you can use for circle time activities. Small cars and other transport related objects can be used teach math. For a fun group activity, convert the room into a network of roads made with strips of black construction paper taped on to the floor. Let the kids have fun with their favorite transport toy.

Color Theme

Set the mood for the colors theme by decorating your daycare center. You could pick any one color as your theme, and use that color predominantly in the room, or just use a mix of colors. Make a rainbow collage like this to get the children involved together in a large project, and you can also use it to decorate your room. At circle time, use some of these songs based on the color theme. If you are focusing on one color, you can get the children to wear the color that you are learning about. For an interesting group activity, have the children come forward and talk about their favorite color. Make a simple table/ graph to show kids which color is loved the most. Use color sorting, matching and naming activities as learning center activities.

Bee Theme

Make little bee shaped badges that children can wear during the day. Decorate the day care center with bee mobiles that you can make easily on your own. Use this theme to teach children about bees, honey, and the lives of bees. You can also use short educational videos for a quiet activity. For an active, energetic activity, get the children to buzz around the room like bees. Here are some more Bee themed activities that you can incorporate into your schedule and learning centers.

Hope these themes for daycare were useful to you. Continue to browse through brighthub.com for many more theme based activities that you can use in your classroom.