Preschool Art Projects : Plants and Flowers

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Here are a collection of creative ideas for preschool art projects. Plants can be picked up fresh from the garden and used for art projects. It’s a great excuse to get the kids out into fresh air, and close to nature.

Leaf Printing Activity

Ask kids to collect different types of leaves. Provide large sheets of paper for the art project. The kids can paint one side of the leaf and press it on the paper to make a leaf shaped print. Kids will love doing this with leaves of different shapes and sizes. Leaf projects are great fun.

Flower Picture with Petals

For this activity, take a few flowers and remove all the petals. On a piece of thick card paper, draw the center of a flower. Get the children to glue the petals around the center one by one. Add a stalk, and leaves. You will have a very pretty picture that you can frame.

Pressed Flower Cards

Introduce children to the art of flower pressing. Ask the kids to pick a few pretty flowers a couple of weeks in advance. Press them in books between two layers of paper. Within about two weeks, the flowers will be ready for the activity. Make a small card by folding a piece of card paper and help the children glue the pressed flower onto the card. For preschool kids, it’s better to laminate the final card as kids may damage it.

Leaf Labels Poster

Help children appreciate the variety of plants around them with this activity. Ask the kids to collect different leaves. Find the names of the trees which the leaves belong to on the internet or in a plant book. Get the children to glue all the leaves neatly on a poster and write the name of the plant below it.

Pot Painting

Get the kids excited about gardening. Find some old containers which can be converted into pots. Provide the children with acrylic paint to paint the containers. Help them collect some soil and put it into the pot. Help them find a plant that will grow easily with a cutting. Plant the plant and place it in the sunshine. Allot a little time everyday for children to water their plants.

Leaf Rubbings

Here is another fun activity that can be done with the leaves the kids collected. Place a paper on top of a leaf which is placed with its bottom facing upward. Color or rub a crayon lightly over it, and you will get the outline of a leaf. Most teachers find leaf rubbings a great preschool art project.

Leaf Animals

Help children draw animals with leaves. Find some large leaves. Help the kids place them over a paper and draw an outline. Now add a head and face, and feet, and a tail. Kids will love watching the leaves turn into animals. Add some grass and trees around the animal and kids will enjoy coloring this picture.

Tree Collage

For this activity, get the children to collect a large number of leaves and some bark from the garden. Draw a large picture of a tree on a sheet of paper. Get the children to glue the pieces of bark where the trunk of the tree is, and the leaves on the top part of the tree.

Hope you enjoyed these preschool art projects. Plants, flowers and leaves are great themes for preschool. In a lifestyle where we have little contact with nature, these kinds of activities are essential to introduce nature and plants to preschool children.