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Step by Step Directions on How to Make a Preschool Mobile

written by: Jennifer Weller • edited by: Jonathan Wylie • updated: 9/11/2012

Children love making their own projects to take home and share with their parents. Mobiles are a fun project that children will cherish and are easy to make with these step by step directions on how to make a preschool mobile.

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    Mobiles Can Be Made To Go With Any Theme

    Whatever your specific theme is going to be, you can make a mobile to go along with that theme. Children love making mobiles and they are simple to do. You will need to assist the children in a few steps, but it will mostly just be guiding the children through the step by step directions. The following mobiles are a few suggestions that could fit into different themes. Many of the materials needed to make these mobiles can be substituted with other materials if needed.

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    Rainy Day Mobiles

    Rain drops are falling on my head! The children will love displaying these mobiles and then singing the song that goes along with it. These mobiles are a great project to do when you are doing a weather theme. What follows are the materials needed to go with the step by step directions on how to make a preschool mobile for rainy days:

    • white paper plate
    • cotton balls
    • blue construction paper
    • white or clear thread
    • blue ribbon
    • scissors
    • scotch tape
    • hole puncher
    • glue


    1. Cut out a cloud shape from the white paper plate. Glue cotton balls on the cloud to make it appear fluffy.
    2. Cut out rain drops from the blue construction paper. It might be easier if you already have pre made clouds and rain drops all ready for the children to cut out.
    3. Punch a hole in the top of the rain drops and then use the white thread to string the rain drops to the cloud. Use the scotch tape to secure the thread to the cloud or you can punch holes in the bottom of the cloud and secure the thread by tying it through the holes.
    4. Punch two holes in the top of the cloud. Tie a length of ribbon to the cloud to create a hanger.
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    Fall Time Mobiles

    Children will love having a nature search to find stuff to go with this mobile. You might want to have the children search outside for the items needed one day and make the mobile the next. It goes great with a fall or season theme. The following is a list of materials needed to go with the step by step instructions on how to make a preschool mobile for fall time.

    • leaves
    • acorns
    • fallen tree branch
    • fabric
    • poster board
    • string
    • glue
    • scissors
    • hole puncher


    1. Find leaves, acorns, and fallen tree branches outside. The branches don't need to be very big, just big enough to be the hanger that you hang your items from.
    2. Glue different colorful fabrics to both sides of the poster board and let it dry.
    3. Trace the leaves you found outside on the poster board and cut out the shape. Use a hole punch to punch one hole at the top or bottom of each leaf. Tie a string through each hole.
    4. Tie the other end of the string to the fallen tree branch. Repeat the tying steps with the other leaves. Tie the string around the acorns and tie the other end to the fallen tree branch. All the leaves and acorns should now be dangling from the tree branch.
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    My Favorite Things Mobile

    Children will be able to display all their likes on this mobile. This is a great project to show the individualism of each child. Each mobile will end up looking unique and will display a child's likes. The following is a list of materials needed to go with the step by step instructions on how to make a preschool mobile of my favorite things:

    • plastic coat hanger
    • old magazines
    • scissors
    • hole puncher
    • poster board
    • glue
    • string


    1. Have the children cut out pictures of their favorite things out of old magazines. Glue the cut out pictures to poster board to make them more durable.
    2. Cut out the pictures from the poster board and use the hole puncher to place a hole in the top of the cut out. Tie the string through the hole and then connect the string to the bottom of the plastic coat hanger. Repeat these steps until all the cutouts are hung to the plastic coat hanger.
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    Mobiles Make For A Day Of Fun

    It may take a while for the children to complete their mobiles, it is not a project that can be done quickly, especially the my favorite things mobile and the fall time mobile. As you can see it is easy to fit a mobile project into any theme. Basically all you need to do is substitute the items hanging from the mobile with different items, depending on your theme. The children can take the mobiles home to show their parents or you can display the mobiles in the classroom. The mobiles can be displayed over each child's seat or they can be placed in the art center on display. Wherever you choose to display the mobiles, the children will be sure to cherish them. Remember when you are showing the children how to make a preschool mobile to have fun and patience.

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