Planning a Preschool Monster Mash

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A monster theme can be a fun unit for preschool children. It’s a perfect idea to use near Halloween or when your preschoolers are learning about the letter M. Make sure your students know that monsters are pretend and that the monsters in your theme are fun and friendly, not scary. End your unit with a monster mash celebration, complete with snacks, costumes and some fun activities!

A Monster Mash Snack

Let your preschool students make their own monster mash pudding for a snack at your monster celebration. The day before your monster mash, let the children help you make instant pudding in chocolate and pistachio flavors. During the party provide the ingredients for the children to mix up their own snack.


Mud (chocolate pudding)

Green slime (pistachio pudding)

Bugs (chocolate chips or raisins)

Dirt (crushed Oreos or other chocolate cookies)

Worms (gummy worms)

Provide bowls and spoons and let the children mix their own monster mash pudding snack. If you want, you can serve lime Kool-Aid as yummy monster juice to wash it down with!

Make A Monster

Let the children work together to make monsters.

Cover each table with large pieces of bulletin board paper. Draw an outline of a monster on each paper. Then let the children work in small groups to decorate their monster. Provide washable markers, glue, safe scissors and art supplies for the children to use. Let the groups name their monsters and share a little about them: their favorite foods and activities, where they live etc.

After all the monsters have been shared let the children vote to decide which monster is the silliest, funniest, scariest, etc.

Monster Costumes

Use brown paper grocery sacks to let the children make their own monster costumes for the monster mash. Cut one side down the center and a hole in the bottom of the bags. Then add armholes in the sides to make a vest out of the sacks. Let the children decorate the bags with feathers, yarn, ribbon, fabric and paper scraps, markers and any other craft supplies you have.

Use sentence strips to make monster headbands to wear with the costumes. Staple the sentence strips so that they fit around each child’s head. The children can then decorate the headbands to match their bags, adding wiggly eyes, horns and hair (yarn or ribbon).

A Monster Parade

Once the children have finished making their costumes, let them put them on and have a parade. You can walk them through the school hallways or head outdoors for your parade. Bring music like “Monster Mash” or “Purple People Eater” to play as the children march along.

A preschool monster mash is great way to celebrate the end of a monster theme. Your preschoolers will talk about the monster fun they had at their celebration for a long time after it is over!

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