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5 Ways to Teach Your Preschoolers About Birds

written by: Sarah Malburg • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 11/30/2014

This article outlines some arts and crafts ideas to be used for a preschool unit on birds. There are five simple preschool bird crafts for the classroom using different materials and techniques, as well as ideas for further activities. Your youngsters will love these ideas!

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    Painted Eggs

    You need:

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    • eggs, emptied out and clean
    • wooden Popsicle stick
    • Uhu tac (adhesive putty)
    • paint
    • string

    This activity requires quite a bit of preparation, but it's worth it! Wash and dry one unboiled egg per child (have some spare ones in case they break). Poke a small hole in the narrow end of the egg, and a larger one in the other end. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow through the small hole. Empty out the entire egg and rinse it off.

    Put each egg on a wooden Popsicle stick and use Uhu tac to keep it in place (this allows children to hold it with one hand while painting with the other). Give each child a paintbrush and acrylic paint to decorate their egg. When the paint is dry, remove the eggs from the stick and put a piece of string through the holes to hang them up.

    A word of warning: It is possible to use hard-boiled eggs (or even raw eggs that have not been emptied out), but make sure you do not keep them for longer than a couple of days!

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    Egg Shell Mosaic

    You need:

    • eggshells
    • food coloring
    • white glue

    Instead of throwing away your eggshells after breakfast, why not use them for a fun art activity? When boiling the eggs, add some food coloring to the water to color the eggshells. Use different colors to make your art project even more colorful! Tell your children to put all their eggshells in a bag. After they have been washed and are dry again, put some eggshells into a small plastic bag and let the children pound them into tiny pieces.

    Let each child draw a basic bird shape (for younger children, give them a picture of a bird). Spread white glue on the inside of the bird picture and let children arrange their eggshells on it.

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    Paint with Feathers

    You need:

    • feathers
    • acrylic paint

    This is a simple activity that your preschoolers will love! Pour watered-down acrylic paint into tall containers. The thinner the paint, the more the texture of the feather will come through. Give each child a sheet of paper, a feather, and start painting!

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    Robin Eggs

    You need:

    • pre-drawn egg shapes
    • scissors
    • light blue paint
    • sand
    • photo of a robin egg

    Look at pictures of robin eggs and ask the children what strikes them as odd (they are blue). Draw an egg shape per child on white paper and let the children cut it out (younger children may need help with this step). Pour light blue paint into small cups and let children mix in sand. Children paint their egg shapes with the blue paint-sand mix. The sand will make the eggs look speckled!

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    Birdseed Collage

    You need:

    • different types of birdseeds
    • colored construction paper
    • white glue

    Give each child a piece of colored construction paper and ask them to draw some lines on it (dividing the paper into 4-5 sections). Spread white glue on one section at a time and let the children cover it with one type of birdseed. Repeat with the other sections of the paper, using different types of birdseeds.

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    Crafts Enhance Learning

    Use these crafts to enhance any bird activity or lesson plan. When you use these simple preschool bird crafts in your classroom, the sky's the limit!

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