4 Preschool Games and Activities for Mother's Day

4 Preschool Games and Activities for Mother's Day
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Preschool Activities for Mother’s Day

So, you’ve made Mother’s Day cards with the kids as well as two handmade presents for their mothers. Aren’t there any other preschool activities for Mother’s Day? There sure are! Try some of these ideas to get kids interested in the holiday celebrating Moms!

What I Love About My Mother

This activity will get preschoolers to share their feelings about their mothers. Have your children brainstorm a list of things that they love about their mothers, and write their responses in a list on the board. When you’ve finished, read off the list to remind children of their ideas. Then, give each student a piece of construction paper and some art supplies, and have them draw a picture of the one thing they love most about their mothers. Then, let each child dictate a description to you, and write it at the bottom of the picture. You can either hang these on a Mother’s Day bulletin board or bind them together into a book using the instructions in this article. If you want to really impress the parents, save this book to share with mothers at the next parents’ night.

Animal Mommies

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You can do plenty of Mother’s Day activities with your preschoolers that involve animal mommies and babies. All that you’ll need for these activities are some paired pictures of mother and baby animals, which are available at most teaching stores. You can enlarge them and place them on the board for a sorting activity in which students sort animals into two groups: mothers and babies. Alternatively, you can glue them to small notecards and let kids play a matching game with them, matching the baby animal to the mother animal. If you’d like, you can do both of these activities, and then have children place the small card with the baby animal on it near the large picture of the mother animal. Whatever you do, make sure to include a small infant and a human mother among the pictures.

Ways I Can Make Mom Happy

Start a class discussion about things that kids can do to make their mothers happy. Some examples might include listening to their mothers, helping their mothers with younger siblings, giving their mothers hugs and kisses, drawing their mothers cards for Mother’s Day, or helping their mothers without being asked. Then, have each child pick one thing she will do that she thinks would make her mother especially happy, and go around the classroom, giving each child a chance to share her idea. The next day, encourage children to discuss whether their ideas worked.

Mother-Child Tag

If your preschoolers enjoy playing tag, try playing this fun Mother’s Day version. Choose one child to be “it,” choose several children to be “mothers,” and tell the rest of the students that they are “children.” The mothers act as bases, in that any child holding a mother’s hand is safe from being tagged. After the game, discuss how parents and caregivers help children stay safe from being hurt as well.

These four ideas are a great way to help your students learn to appreciate their mothers. You can couple the activities with this preschool Mother’s Day craft as well.