3 Easy Holiday Crafts For Kids in Preschool: Making Ornaments

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Follow the directions offered below for several quick and easy holiday crafts. To make it easy for your students, be sure to have all of your materials gathered and clearly labeled before you begin.

Winter Scene


  • plastic scoops from coffee or powdered drink mixes (enough for each student to have one)
  • foil
  • glue (not glue stick)
  • assorted ribbons and bows
  • artificial greens
  • tiny pine cones
  • sequins, pearls and beads
  • holiday cards that may be cut into pieces for decoration
  • cotton balls
  • hole punch
  • loops of yarn for hanging


Cover the scoops entirely with pieces of foil. Students may then proceed to fill the inside of the scoop with bits of greens, pine cones, beads, items cut from holiday cards and so forth to create a pleasant holiday scene or collage. Students may wish to use pieces of cotton balls to imitate snow, and may even wish to use the balls themselves to make snowmen that might also be decorated. The outside of the scoop may be wrapped in ribbon and decorated with sequins, beads and bows. When complete, use the hole punch to make a hole. A tied loop of yarn may be strung through the hole for hanging.

Holiday Wreath


  • large white paper plates (one for each student)
  • curling ribbon cut into 12" lengths
  • paper cupcake holders with a holiday design - approximately 12 per student (if they are not available, you may also use plain white cupcake holders, and then allow the students to decorate them with holiday colors)
  • glue or glue stick
  • scissors


Flatten the paper plate slightly. Using the scissors, cut a round circle out of the center of the paper plate. Discard the circle. The remaining plate will now look like a wreath. Using the glue, attach the bottom of a cupcake holder to the paper plate. Continue to add more cupcake holders as you work your way around the paper plate until the entire wreath is covered in cupcake holders. String the curling ribbon through the center and tie with a bow to create a hanger.

Pretzel Wreath Ornament


  • small-size pretzel-shaped pretzels (enough for about 15 per student)
  • glue (not a glue stick)
  • white paint
  • glitter
  • ribbon for hanging
  • waxed paper or tin foil


Lay waxed paper or tin foil out on each student’s desk in a large square. Have the students lay their pretzels out on top of the waxed paper or foil to form a circle. Pretzels should overlap one another and be touching. Using the glue, attach the pretzels to one another to form a circle. Pretzels will still be overlapping. Allow pretzels to dry overnight.

The next day, allow students to paint their pretzel wreaths white. Before the paint has dried, students may use glitter to decorate the pretzel wreath. Once again, allow the creations to dry overnight.

On the third day, use ribbon strung through the center and tie to create a hanger.

Share Your Holiday Creations With Others

Students may wish to take their ornaments and decorations home to share with family. You may also wish to partner with a local nursing home and use these easy holiday crafts for kids to create a uniquely-decorated tree for residents to enjoy. Either way, everyone will have fun with these simple projects!

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